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Guy produces the finest VOICEREELS in the UK.  In recent years the service has been extended to worldwide clients and as of 2021 it is now entirely remote.  The same exacting standards, just better for the environment with zero travel (saving you time and money) and of course 'covid-aware'!

An obsession with the quality of the end product means producer/director Guy Michaels limits to working with 2 clients a week. Guy's clients have signed with many of the top UK and international voiceover agents including:

Lip Service, Chatterbox Voices, Excellent Talent, Soho Voices, Rhubarb Voices, Just Voices, Sue Terry Voices, Voice Shop, Foreign Legion, The Voiceover Store and more.

More importantly, totally custom voice reels produced by Guy have launched, reinvigorated and ‘kickstarted’ voiceover artists to the next level of success and income. A professionally produced voiceover demo is a must for any voiceover artist or actor wanting to have the best ‘calling-card’ to show them off and help to secure work and develop a career in this competitive business.  All voiceover demos are now recorded remotely.


No matter how experienced you are there is always room for professional development. Check out the voiceover training programmes, coaching and community at ► voiceoverkickstart.com


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To keep the quality sky-high, limiting to just 2 sessions a week means that there is usually a wait of around 4-6 weeks between booking and recording.  It is important that we have a full discussion about the suitability of the service prior to booking.

PLEASE NOTE:   If you are looking to record 'tomorrow' then Guy’s service is not for you. There are plenty of conveyor-belt Voiceover Demo Production services in the UK which might be suitable if you need a demo really fast. If, however you realise that the investment is worth the wait to create something truly bespoke with personal guidance throughout then do ► get in touch.

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"I love them, really pleased. You are brilliant!"

  1. Beaton - E - commercial VOICEREEL Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:21

Eilidh recorded a full TRIPLE over two days in early 2019

“A true master at his craft!”

  1. Chris Walker-Thomson - Gaming 1:21

Chris has recorded multiple demos with Guy

“Thank you so much!  I’m really chuffed with these.  They’re fab!”

  1. Boffin - S - commercial VOICEREEL Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:30

Sam is a rising star in British voiceover

"Guy's calm approach coaxes great performances from professionals and beginners alike.  He draws on years of experience to put together voicereels that deliver punch, believability and gravitas.  We're proud to have him as a premium partner at VoicesUK and highly recommend his services to our professional talent base."