Guy Michaels -  Voicereel Producer London

How do I actually get paid work in Voiceover?
Probably the most important question. There is a clear route to working in VO; a route that I will guide you through after our recording session. If you follow the advice you'll be able to set-up your career and open up the many opportunities available. You’ll leave with a solid plan in place. The wonderful stories I hear from clients over the years are from the ones who worked through the plan and stuck with it. There is so much work out there; it won’t come to you, you have to seek it out but when you do the exciting, lucrative and varied world of VO will open up.

Why should I choose Voiceover Kickstart?
As technology becomes cheaper, there are new voice reel providers popping up each year. This is great because I love a bit of competition. However, there is a vast chasm of difference between plugging in a microphone and charging ‘£99 all in’ to really grafting over every detail of the tracks. I’ll work closely with you at every step of the way but when it comes to the production I don’t do any on the day of recording. All the time ‘in session’ is dedicated to you the performer. The production is carried out over the next few days and this is a very detailed and intricate process. For example, the Commercial Reel takes on average 6 hours to produce. Not all in one go as you need fresh ears when working on the compilation.

I can get a voice reel cheaper elsewhere can’t I?
You certainly can yes. Imagine the situation where you start to apply to the big Voiceover Agents and send them your cheap demo. I’ll leave that there. The only way a Voice-reel company can function in the bargain basement way is to limit production time (churn it out as quickly as possible) and work with many many clients a week (units on a conveyor belt). You can certainly pay more too – I had a client last year that had paid around £450 for her reel and was hugely disappointed. She mentions it in her Casting Call Pro testimonial.

My friend has a microphone – couldn’t I just record a demo that way?
Actually heard this one at a drama school workshop I was running. I’m sure your friend also has a camera – why don’t they do your headshot too?

What can I expect on the day?
We will read through all of the pieces and make our final decisions, cuts and edits where needed. I’ll give you as much technique guidance as you need as you acclimatise to the Vocal Booth. Then we will begin to work our way through the pieces. Remember, all of the session is focussed on you and your performances. I’ll keep reminding you to drink lots of water and perhaps take a bite of an apple from time to time – a good technique to avoid the dry mouth noises. Once we have finished recording, I’ll talk you through the marketing plan and exactly how you set yourself up ready to audition from home.

Will you add music and sound effects?
Yes, custom music and sound effects - as much as is needed and no more. Before we even hit record for the first time years ago we did extensive research into what the end-listener wants. They want to hear your voice and as an audio engineer/musician it is easy to get carried away creating something that sounds great but masks the voice.

Can you squeeze me in?
Really, would you want me to? I will only ever work with two clients a week and although availability varies throughout the year I am usually booked 6-8 weeks in advance. It takes time to prepare for your reel. You may only get one done every 5 years or so.

I want to want record a professional voice-reel but I don’t know where to start in terms of material – do you help?
Absolutely. We consult thoroughly and you will have full access to the Client Area. The essential preparation period gives us both time to make sure we are happy with what we will record on the day. If you are stuck in any area, I am on hand. The vast majority of clients who embark on this exciting process say they love it!

I’m not an actor but I want to work in VO – can you help?
You do not need to be an actor to work in VO. In fact many are not. Sometimes, being an experienced stage actor can make it difficult to move into recorded work. Read my

I’m not native English. I want to record a mix of my language and English with my accent – how will that work?
I’ve recorded around 25 languages over an 8 year period. We work together to decide on ‘best takes’.

Where are you based?
North London Zone 4 – we don’t publish the address on here as the service is by appointment only.

I’ve never even used a microphone before….
You have no need to worry. I’ve worked with clients with every level of experience. I’ll coach you through the whole experience and you’ll leave knowing that you’ll be a pro on your first job

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