Voicereel Service Reviews

Some testimonials from over 17 successful years

"It has been my pleasure and a privilege to work with such a diverse range of voiceover artists and actors since 2006. Thousands of hours of recording and producing voiceover demos for clients worldwide....will you be next?"  GUY MICHAELS


"They are fantastic! I cannot thank you enough for taking me on as a client and making sure Voiceover Kickstart is such a helpful resource....your content is truly stellar, from modules in the studio to your Zoom sessions. Thank you so much."

Eleanor Sturt - voiceover artist and copywriter

Ellie worked with Guy on her Commercial and Corporate demos after taking part in his online voiceover training programmes and joining the community.  Ellie is a LAMDA grad and was born and raised in Colorado, USA.

  1. Sturt - E - commercial VOICEREEL Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:40
"The community on Voiceover Kickstart is alive and pumping. The Lounge provides a community of people who want to help each other and grow as VO artists, both from a business and a technical standpoint. Additionally, the Supercharge Weeks where we all meet and discuss themes move VOs from amateur to professional. I cannot recommend Voiceover Kickstart and Guy enough, especially to actors who are looking at a way to financially support themselves."


"Guy! Amazing thank you so much! I love them. "

Anna Doolan - actor and voiceover artist

Anna has returned for her third session to record more voiceover demos, this time focusing on Radio Drama and Narration.

  1. Doolan - A - commercial VOICEREEL Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:36

"You were the one who inspired me I think maybe 4 or 5 years ago when I did your workshop. Thank You for the amazing reels and for encouraging me to set up in this biz. "



"He provides a thorough, personalised service and goes above and beyond the industry standard."

Lucy Brown - British Voiceover Artist

Lucy has worked with Guy a number of times on both his courses and voiceover demos for her thriving voiceover business based in Spain.

  1. Brown - L - corporate VOICEREEL Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:27

"Guy is simply brilliant. A brilliant director, brilliant technician, brilliant host, brilliant advisor. Recording demos with him has been one of the highlights of my career so far. He provides a thorough, personalised service and goes above and beyond the industry standard. Voiceover Kickstart is also a fabulous community for anyone in the VO world. Fab content that is always being added to and a supportive, lovely bunch of members."

All voice reels are meticulously crafted to highlight your particular skills and unique vocal qualities.  These reviews have been posted by the clients to Facebook, Google, Mandy, LinkedIn and across social media.

Since 2006 I've been working with voice actors to help them create a professional voice reel that will showcase their vocal abilities and stand out to casting directors.  Whether a voice actor wants a set of commercial demos they can be proud of or to show off their character voices in a video game demo, it is my pleasure to help the voice artist to succeed.

This is not a conveyor-belt service.  I limit to working on just two voice reels each week.  It's a personal and unique service designed specifically for the professional voice actor who demands the best.

All demos are recorded and produced remotely and the process starts with a free consultation.  FIND OUT MORE

"Guy is expert in the field of voice over. He takes time to work with each client, get to know their style & range which results in producing highly individual voice reels tailored for the market place. He is meticulous with the scripts ensuring that he get's the best result for the client. Guy also provides detailed knowledge on how best to market the reel and gives his clients guidance on how best to progress & gain employment in the field of voice over. Working with him was a real pleasure. I highly recommend him" Catherine McDonough
"Guy gave me the confidence to project the right kind of vocal quality required, and then produced a superb voice reel to send to prospective employers. A good job twice over!" Marilyn Cutts
"Guy is an absolute professional, and real joy to work with, who will coax the best out of your voice and go the extra mile to make a professional reel that will be sure to make you shine!" Paul Butterworth
"Guy was great to work with by creating a relaxed and creative environment and giving good advice along the way. The work was then completed quickly and efficiently with good after sales service." Eva Fontaine
"Guy is a very polite ,professional ,well mannered man, It was a pleasure to have him work on my reel, I must say I was really impressed with the end product. Anyone thinking of using him, don't think, just do it Thanks Guy" Bentley Kalu
"As a newcomer to the world of voiceover, Guy Michaels came very highly recommended to me by a friend and fellow actor, after having spent much time researching and reading about voiceover work and setting up demos and reels. From our initial conversation over the phone to the eventual recording session at his home studio, Guy was friendly, informative and incredibly welcoming. Not in any way condescending, and given the fact that I was just entering voiceover work, this was immensely encouraging. He makes you feel incredibly at ease and relaxed, and knows just the right time to throw in a piece of direction or suggestions. I must also mention, in line with many of the other reviews on here, that as well as receiving whichever eventual reel you choose to record with Guy (which, providing you are able to deliver the goods in terms of your vocal performance, will be of top notch quality), on top of this, the amount of advice and information Guy gives you is absolutely invaluable. Not only do you get a reel of great quality, but knowledge on how to approach finding work, what type of equipment to look for, how to set up a decent recording space, etc. I can totally understand why he is recommended so highly, and like my friend, I shall be recommending him too! Couldn't be happier with my experience with Guy. Oh and if you guys haven't heard of Guy's Voiceover Kickstarter course. Get on it! Free, and absolutely brilliant." Mitch Howell
"Guy is a highly dedicated professional. His enthusiasm and knowledge has helped my business profile, by producing high quality edits of my work. He is reliable and trustworthy; has given freely of his expert advice and guidance and I very much look forward to working with him again, in the future." Karl Jenkinson
"I've been working as a voice-over for nearly 20 years, and this was the most enjoyable voice-reel session I've had. Guy's direction is concise and spot on, and ensures that you give the best performance you can. Most importantly, the quality of the reels was excellent. Many thanks" Nicholas Osmond
"Guy is a professional in every detail and knows what he is talking about. Coming from the other side of the country, it has been worth every moment and penny. Investing in voice reels is essential for any voice-over career. How to do it is an art. Guy nails this art. Don't hesitate." Melvin Vermeer
"Guy made me feel totally at ease, it was a super fun session and i'm delighted with the results!" Stephanie Siadatan
"Thanks so much @VOkickstart @guy_michaels for your support and skills" Amy Comper
"I naively phoned Guy one day saying that I wanted a voice reel. "What kind of voice reel?" He asked. "Er....?" He politely suggested I did the 6 week kick-starter course before taking any further steps, which I did. And I was glad that I did. I learnt so much and got that invaluable and impartial feedback on my voice from people who don't me which really helped direct what kind of voice reel was right for me in terms of both content and style. And it didn't cost me a thing apart from my 15 minutes a day, which was actually 15 minutes a day. At the end of it I spent an afternoon in Guy's studio recording the scripts that I had compiled under his Guydance. He made me feel very relaxed and was extremely wise and inventive in his direction. Indeed I felt that I learnt a lot about how to 'self-direct' in that time together as well which was a bonus. I'm very happy with the final result and have already been recommending his services to friends and colleagues. " Chris Sherwood
"I had a great day in the studio with Guy, he made me feel at ease and we had a lot of laughs along the way, a truly enjoyable experience - On a professional note he gave expert direction and advice and made sure I gave it my best; making my Commercial and Corporate demos sing! Thanks Guy! " Philip Brett King
"Guy is absolutely brilliant at relaxing you and getting the best out of you. I'm really happy with the demos and would highly recommend him." Naomi Cooper-Davis
"Extremely pleased with my Commercial and Corporate reels which I have just received back from Guy. His assistance with my preparation and his guidance, help, encouragement and direction during the recording was tremendously valuable and educational. Excellent service, thoroughly recommended." Tori Robinson
"I had the pleasure of working with Guy last month to record my very first voice reel. It was a relaxed session, made me feel very at home and as a newcomer to the voice industry I was really grateful for the advice and tips given to me during the session. I was also really happy with the end result and can't wait to put all" Leanne Clark
"Working with Guy was an absolute pleasure, simultaneously extremely educating and very enjoyable. Having only taken baby steps into voice over, Guy was kind enough to take me through everything, from which kind of microphones to take a look at, to how to manage myself in the business and of course how to deliver good work on the mic. I'll certainly be returning the next time I need a reel done." Seb Humphreys
"I had the pleasure of recording my first commercial and corporate voicereels with Guy in June 2016, and I honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience. Guy is not only extremely knowledgable, experienced and professional, but he is also very friendly, easy to talk to and great at putting you at ease. I was thrilled with the finished voicereels and hope to work with Guy again in the future." Rosalind Brown
"Being completely new the voiceover industry I was a little apprehensive about recording my first reels but I really didn't have anything to worry about! Guy was extremely easy to work with, gave clear directions and produced 2 showreels that I'm really happy with. Guy has a lot of knowledge and experience in the industry and was full of useful tips and advice! If you're thinking of getting a reel, I would highly recommend Voiceover Kickstart!"  Amelia Slaughter
"Being new to the world of VoiceOver, Guy was amazing to work with. Having helped me with my choice of pieces in the lead up to the session, he then put me completely at ease, and his coaching and professionalism was invaluable. The session flew by and I never thought I’d laugh so much considering I was spending the day in a soundproof box! He has ways of getting the best out of you that you have no idea you were capable of. I am utterly pleased with the results and couldn’t recommend Guy highly enough." Heather Cairns
"Clearly an expert in his field, both as a voice reel producer and VO artist in his own right, Guy has a wealth of experience and helpful hints that he is only too happy to pass on. He is quick to respond to any emails and calls and always offers first rate service and advice, whether the query is mandate or specific. I would high recommend his services to anyone." Charlie Wilson-Tighe
"I learned about VO Kickstart about a year ago, when I did a class on building a home studio with Guy at the Actors Centre. Did his VO Kickstart Volumes I and II online, and then eventually did the Triple voice reel with him in November 2018. Based on all of that, I would warmly recommend him to anyone serious about getting into voiceover. He has a very realistic outlook on the business of VO while still being excited about the work and he does such a great job of making you feel at ease while clearly communicating what he needs to get your best out of you. On a less important, but still pertinent note, since sending my new reels into the ether (fairly recently), I've had an invitation to a voice acting audition and have been given a part in a short audio series, so I'm confident that the better I utilize them, the better the results will be." Ivana Rakić
"I had my 'Double' recording session with Guy a couple of weeks ago now, which consisted of me recording a Commercial Reel along with a Corporate Reel. It was great fun recording with Guy - relaxed, friendly and so much fun. We initially went through all the ideas I had brought with me and Guy advised me on what he thought would be the best examples to show of my range as a VO without stepping too far away from my natural voice. I'm really happy with the final result and everyone I've played the finish product to thinks they sound marvellous.Thanks Guy!" William De Coverly
"I would thoroughly recommend (and already have to lots of interested friends) Guy's voice reel production services. The 6-week online course which Guy provides (for FREE! for EVERYONE!) was invaluable in preparing me for making the most out of the recording day (and beyond). I felt fully informed and aware of what was expected of me before, during and after the session and in return experienced a brilliant, fun recording session and a fab commercial reel that I am so pleased with! Have had brilliant feedback on the work and will definitely be back when it's time to record my audiobook reel." Luci Fish
"I recently worked with Guy to create my commercial and corporate demos and I'm so happy with the results. Guy produces such high quality work; it's evident that he loves his craft. Guy is very thorough and helped me every step of the way. The advice on finding/creating original scripts, what pieces to use in your reels, practical advice on what to do with your reels and moving forward - all have been incredibly insightful and helpful. I thoroughly recommend working with Guy." Kyle Martin
"Guy is fantastic to work with and produces great results. I can highly recommend him. " Cathy Conneff
"Outstanding, friendly and supportive." Mark Anthony Smith
"A pleasure to record with Guy! " Maria Garcia

"Working with Guy Michaels is an absolute pleasure! You enter in a cosy recording studio where you are warmly welcome with a cup of tea and quickly put at ease. Once you start recording, Guy knows exactly what he does and manages to give you direction always in collaborative spirit. You feel free and creative. For anybody who's looking to get a very professional voice reel do not hesitate anymore. This is the place for you. In addition, you get to have a microphone for home recording....I mean...what else? " Yasmine Yagchi

"I recently recorded a double reel with Guy (commercial and corporate), and I must say it was a great experience. He is such a fountain of knowledge, with many years of industry experience, and he was able to offer very useful advice at every step of the process. Not only did he produce a high quality recording, but his insights into how to go about using it and how to set up a career are invaluable. For anyone looking to start out in the industry, Voiceover Kickstart really should be your first port of call. " Phil Bishop
"For great reels and training look no further than Guy and Voiceover Kickstart. I started my voiceover journey a number of years ago with him and glad I landed with Guy. Great advice, training and reels that set me up on a solid footing in the voiceover world. On top of all that he is a lovely, kind and generous human. Definitely recommended for his training and reels! " Paul Mclaughlin
"I'm absolutely in love with my new demos! Guy made me feel totally at ease during the session and gave prompts and help where needed without over directing. He bought the absolute best out and in me and the demos are just bloody amazing. Thank you so much" Holly Standbrook
"Such a brilliant mentor! He was wonderful to work with, utterly professional and the session was completely tailored to my specific needs as a Voiceover Artist. Brilliant, Guy knows what he is doing! A very relaxed session, he was complementary and very gifted at getting the best out of people. I felt very at home in his studio which is brilliantly equipped for recording. He knows what works and is very willing to give advice. Thanks for the brilliant session! R x " Ruth Pownall
"When people ask for advice on VO Training or Demos I always pass them to Voiceover Kickstart. I can't recommend Guy and the team highly enough. I have done the courses and found them so useful. Guy does all my demos and he works with you on the script selection to make sure each one is tailored to you and the outcome you want to achieve. I'm also a member of the forum and it is great to have access to all of the training material and also a great way of networking with other VO's and sharing info and best practise." Carrie Afrin
"I'm absolutely delighted with my drama & narration reel! I really enjoyed the leisurely, relaxed and unhurried recording session and I felt like I had the time to really do my best work and play around with my pieces. Guy's expert suggestions / direction were absolutely spot on and very much appreciated. The finished product is so much better than I could have hoped, due in large part to Guy's brilliant editing skills. From start to finish, it was great to know that I (or at least my voice!) was in the hands of an such experienced and skillful professional. As my old dad used to say, "There's no substitute for class". Thank you, Guy! " Josephine Liptrott
"Voiceover Kickstart is great in many ways. You get a course online that you can take part in and learn a lot from no matter what stage you are at in your career. But what I would really like to point out is recording with VO Kickstart. I was able to have three of my recent demos recorded over there. I loved the recording process: energy, creativity, direction and focus on your input as well as the final edited version of the recording - the demo. The attention to detail and to bringing out the best of your talent is wonderful. I would gladly recommend working with the VO Kickstart and getting at least one demo recorded there when you feel you are ready for it. All the best to all." Noemi VO
"I had a brilliant experience recording new commercial & corporate reels with Guy. Thorough prep before our session which Guy supported me with via email/phone meant I felt fully prepared on the day. Guy's studio set up in London is superb which coupled with his experienced, creative direction during our recording session meant I felt that I performed to the best of my ability, creating quality tracks 🙂 The whole morning was relaxed and really enjoyable too, highly recommend Guy!" Natalie Husdan
"My voice reel session with Guy was brilliant - professional, fun, laid-back and with top notch results. He is also a fount of knowledge about everything from what equipment to buy to the VO industry itself - I would highly recommend Round Island to anyone looking for." Hannah Platts
"Guy was a pleasure to work with. Before the session he gave great advice and support with the choosing of pieces. The session itself was relaxed and fun. Guy is very knowledgable and was happy to answer any questions I had. And I am very happy with the results!" Helen Jessica Liggat
"Well facilitated, lots of examples to help compose suitable scripts, helpful advice (online and personal), friendly, efficient, quick turnaround, good value." Felix Pring
"Incredible service! Had such a fantastic time with Guy! He offers a fantastic variety of recordings and seamless reels that are specifically designed and created to your strengths!" Grace Lewis
"I wouldn't go anywhere else. Guy knows his stuff, is honest and is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. " David Ayers
"I highly recommend Guy Michaels. He gives good clear direction and comes up with excellent results! " Jo Ashe
"Very good, friendly and professional service." Arwen Prosser
"Guy is a great guy to work with and invests quality time when working with his clients. " Mark Bernard
"A true master at his craft! Had a few sessions with him over the years, each one more exciting and intuitive than the last. Full of advice and direction that not only gets the best out of you, but also makes you feel the best, well, you. Highly recommend! Worth every penny." Chris Walker-Thomson
"I had such a great time recording my Commercial Demo reel with Guy from Voiceover Kickstart - he was friendly, encouraging and open to sharing his knowledge and experience with me. I'm so pleased with the final results and I'll be sure to record future demos with him!" Kimberley Parker
"Guy Michaels was great! He was very helpful even in choosing the material to read and guided me during my recording. I would highly recommend Voice-Reel! " Antonella Axisa
"Guy knows exactly what to do to get the best from you and also about the industry in general. Relaxed and friendly environment too. " Steve Fortune
"Guy is an extremely wise and generous director and technician. Probably one of London's finest demo production companies to go to for your new demo. " Eliza Chadwick
"Guy is an exceptionally talented voice-over artist and pro voice reel producer. Highly recommend " Barry Harrison-Fudge
"Absolutely brilliant voicereel company with online course offered as part of the service they provide. " Andy Watkins
"Absolutely delighted with my demo from Voice Reel. Guy is utterly brilliant and helped make the whole process fantastic. " Aaron Hewit
"Voice-Reel were fantastic at producing my commercial and narrative/drama voicereels. Guy has a wealth of knowledge and was brilliant to work with. I would highly recommend him." Katie Pattinson
"Fantastic experience, really helpful and professional. " Rachel Cash
"Very good service, Guy Michaels is excellent." Polly Nayler
"Excellent voice reel service " Andre Refig
"Guy was brilliant, and really made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. He had a lot of knowledge about the voice industry, and came across as very personable which for me, made all the difference. He not only records high quality voicereels for you, but actively helps you to get started in the industry. I would recommend him to everyone!" Charlotte Harris
"Guy is a brilliant voice director. He is creative, professional, and very personable. I enjoyed our session immensely, and I have no doubt that what we put together for my voice reels will have real impact. " Robert Daoust
"I would highly recommend Voice-Reel. I did a reel with another company which was very poor quality - wish I had known about Voice-Reel first! " Jackie Lye
"Fantastic, professional service, when there are a lot of competing companies out there it's nice to use one you can genuinely trust to deliver a fantastic package. Thanks." Jenny Mitchell
"I am glad I recorded my voice-reel with Guy! He's patient, informative and guides you through the whole process. " Gomolemo Makolomako
"I couldn't recommend Guy more, he was professional, helpful and produced some great voicereels that I am so happy with. " Sophie Dean
"Guy Michaels knows this industry in depth and will provide LOTS of help and support on the day. " Virginia Byron
"Guy was fantastic to work with. He made me feel so relaxed and at ease and constantly guided me through the process. He knows exactly what he is doing and redirected me in a way that I could really relate to. The help with preparation was also fantastic!" Sarah Vevers
"Guy works in a very professional and personal way to get the best out of your abilities. He produces very professional and lively voice reels" Stephen Schreiber
"Guy did a fantastic job at making the session relaxing, I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. " Anouk Chalmers
"An excellent experience recording and really pleased with the results. " Sadie Clark
"Guy was very relaxed and just the right person to gently ease me back into the business. " Andy Secombe
"I am absolutely delighted with my voicereels from Guy at Voice-Reel. He was such a pleasure to work with and has reems of knowledge to share. I am recommending him to everyone!" Charlotte Baker
"A great service. Completely demystifies the process, making recording a voice reel pain free" Gavin Duff
"Within a week of getting my voicereel back from Guy I already have my first V/O audition. Really pleased with the results and had a wonderful day." Gemma Barrett
"I would absolutely recommend Guy. The session was really friendly and relaxed. Guy really knows his stuff and knows how to bring out the best in your voice. Brilliant." Miriam Babooram

What kind of voicereel do you need?

Whether you are looking to record a Commercial Voicereel, a demo for the Gaming Voice Acting world, Corporate, Drama, Narration or other, you can be sure of the investment of time and money with Guy's voicereel service.  There are plenty of options to record your demo these days, so of course it is always best to ask around.  Most of Guy's work comes through personal recommendation. 

to find out more about the process and options.

Voice over Demo Pricing

Commercial £500

“An industry standard Commercial Voice Over Demo produced to Broadcast Quality”

Session Info

Corporate £425

“For Voiceovers needing a high-class demo for the business world”

Session Info

Double £700

"Commercial plus Corporate. Two fully produced Voiceover Demos for two markets”

Session Info

Gaming £650

"Unique demo service for demonstrating your character voices. Produced to sound just like the real thing!”

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You deserve the best and so does your unique voice.  Showcase your vocal abilities and make a memorable first impression with a great reel directed and produced by Guy Michaels.