Voiceover Showreels

Voiceover showreels (also known as voice over demos, vo demos, or voice reels) are an essential tool, a calling card for voice actors, acting as their audio resume and a showcase of their talent and versatility.

Even in today’s world of P2P and the need for custom demos for auditions, a professional voice reel is still very much the single most important tool for voice actors worldwide.

Here’s why:

First Impression: A showreel is often the first interaction a potential client or casting director has with a voice actor. A well-crafted reel captures their attention, showcasing a professional voice and leaving a lasting impression.

Demonstrates Skills and Range: Voiceover showreels highlight a voice actor’s vocal range and versatility across various mediums and genres, showcasing their ability to perform different styles, tones, and even characters. It might include commercial voice acting, narration, animation, audiobooks, e-learning, explainers, announcements, promos, documentaries and more, demonstrating their vocal abilities in various styles. This versatility is attractive to clients seeking specific voices for their projects.

Saves Time: Showreels save time for both voice actors and clients. Actors can efficiently present their best work, while clients can quickly assess if the actor’s voice fits their project’s needs.

Professionalism: Polished voiceover showreels, potentially including professional demo production from a demo producer, demonstrates professionalism and commitment to the craft. It signals to clients that the voice actor is serious about their career and dedicated to delivering high-quality work.

Marketing Tool: Showreels are a valuable marketing asset and a key component of a voice actor’s voiceover portfolio. They can be shared on personal websites, social media, casting sites like Voquent or other online casting platforms, and directly with potential clients, expanding a voice actor’s reach and visibility.

Audition Tool: A showreel can be used as an audition tool, offering a glimpse of a voice actor’s abilities and potentially leading to invitations for further auditions or bookings.

Securing Work: Ultimately, a well-crafted showreel is instrumental in helping voice actors secure work. It showcases their abilities across different scripts, builds trust, and opens doors to new opportunities.

Voiceover Showreels

Recording your voiceover showreels

To create the best voiceover demo, consider the following:

  • Choose scripts that highlight your strengths and demonstrate your vocal range across different styles, tones, and characteristics. Want free voiceover scripts?
  • Work with a voiceover demo producer to ensure your demo is professionally produced and edited.
  • Make sure your demo is well organized and totally professional, showcasing your best work in a concise format.

If you’re interested, in developing a voiceover demo please reach out. I’ve been providing voice reel services since 2006 and would be delighted to assist you in enhancing your voiceover career with a fresh demo reel. We’ll work together to select the material record your demo and produce a showreel of top notch quality that will help you land gigs.

My services come highly recommended by casting directors and fellow voice actors. Those considering creating a voiceover demo should definitely check out VOICE REEL.COM

For 121 coaching on any aspect of your voiceover career or to enhance your voiceover skills or optimise your home studio head to: VOICEOVER COACHING

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What is an Audiogram?

These are animated visual voicereels giving yet another way to showcase your work as a voice actor.  All are built to a custom design matching your branding!

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