Voiceover Kickstart II

The next run begins on Monday Jan 7th 2019 and will go on sale soon
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Over the course of 4 weeks, immerse yourself in the perfect extension to the original programme.  Using an entirely custom built interface (the same as used in EXPERT EDITION), your voiceover career will be boosted by 20 interactive modules and 4 Voiceover Challenges.  Limited to 30 places.

The Voiceover Kickstart PART TWO

Continuing the themes of the original FREE programme, VOK II goes deeper and wider, exploring the Voiceover world in 2018 and beyond.  We get 'technical', business-focussed and vocally challenged over 4 weeks.

If you enjoyed the original programme and found it useful then grab one of these limited places today for only £150 (members can access the reduced rate of £75) 

In addition to the 4 practical challenges over the 4 weeks we'll cover:

  • Your Voice - The Instrument
  • Warming up - articulation and resonance, breath control and capacity
  • Being an expert communicator
  • Interpretation and core message
  • Home recording essentials
  • Microphone technique and positioning
  • Common problems recording voiceover
  • Marketing techniques and strategy
  • Branding essentials for voiceover artists
  • Sounding real - the 'conversational read'
  • Going beyond your natural voice - character work
  • Creating a plan for voiceover success

You don't need professional recording equipment to take part in the 4 recording challenges



REFUND POLICY + TERMS Governed by and complies with the UK 14 day refund policy/law.  From date of purchase. All refunds must be requested in writing guy@voice-reel.com.  The course is restricted to those who have completed the original Voiceover Kickstart FREE programme.



"Having done the first Voiceover Kickstart (and thoroughly enjoyed it) I was looking forward to this one. And it delivered. This was no easy breeze with weekly recording challenges (some rather tricky) adding up to a lot of material over four weeks and you had to keep up!" 

Andrew Vevers

a major step up from VOK 1. Fun and hugely informative. I looked forward to it every day and I'm implementing my vocal warm-ups and articulation rounds into my daily workouts’

Mitch Howell 

"This course has been a great way of identifying what I need to improve and change to take my voiceover work further. The most valuable changes have all sped my work up. Whether it be having an improved technical set up to start with; doing a decent vocal warm up, or just the way I read once recording; I'm now working at a noticeably faster rate, which as someone with limited time to work, is proving invaluable. Thanks Guy!"

Alice Parsloe

"The VOK II course has re-ignited my enthusiasm and determination Guy's course is extremely informative and positive and the mutual feedback and support from other candidates is a brilliant feature, which I found really encouraging. I was also impressed by the business aspect of the course as well. I would highly recommend this course!"

Daniel Kerry

"VOK II is a great next step after the first VOK course. It builds on core foundations laid in the first course, and expands on them, as well as introducing new concepts. The practicals were relevant to the work, and great fun to do! Thank you."

Damian Sutherland

"No matter how long you have been a voice actor VOK II is a must for any voice over artist at any level. I don't believe any voice actor out there is an expert in every side of the VO business. It's not just about the 1% of time talking into a microphone it's about the other 99% covering all the other jobs -marketer, engineer, web designer, businessman etc. I have not only found it to be an invaluable experience to learn more about every facet of the business but to also become more mindful and to refine which direction I want my career to take. The information Guy has to offer is golden and the way in which the course is delivered is a fantastic engaging experience. Thank you Guy and thank you to everyone else taking part, your feedback has been crucial to my development as voice actor."

Philip King

"Guy Michaels has built a practical and usable course that gives a unique insight into working as a freelance voiceover artist. I have a template now to build my business on. Before the course was even finished I saw concrete results from enacting the advice I was given. VOK II builds brilliantly on the VOK intro - highly recommended to those serious about building a solid VO business and developing their voice. Thank you Guy!"

Melanie Crawley

"VOKII is a well structured and motivating course that challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, and focus on all elements that go into making a successful voiceover career."

Carlie Bonavia