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this is a legacy service and no longer offered from 2021



Voice acting demos professionally directed, recorded and produced. You choose the mix and focus of tracks.  Perhaps Drama, Audiobooks or Documentary.  Maybe a selection of all three?

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Listen to Simon John's Documentary Voice-reel
  1. Simon Johns - Documentary Voicereel Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:55

Here's Cosima Shaw's Drama & Narration compilation

  1. Cosima Shaw - Drama+Narration Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 2:08

"Guy Michaels is a genius. I incredibly pleased and happy with the final voice demo."

"He opened my eyes to a whole new world when attending the workshop "Get started in Voiceover". I am super excited to get started with my new reel and the world of voice over! Guy took his time in understanding my style and voice which meant that the reel was individual, and perfect for my selling point in the industry. I felt incredibly relaxed and comfortable and there was time to play around and just enjoy the recording to get what we both wanted. Which I believe is really important. His direction and expertise was superb. And his recording studio is pretty cool too!! I would highly recommend Guy to anybody looking for a cracking new reel. Thank you."

Anna Doolan

So what do you get when you book this Voicereel Service?

We record 8 tracks each of up to one minute each.  Once the production is complete you receive the 8 full tracks and the all-important compilation (voicereel).  If you are an actor looking for a Voice Acting Demo to present to the BBC or Radio Drama production companies then you need a Broadcast Quality service.  Do you want to focus on audiobooks/narration?  We can adjust the balance of tracks to suit.  Often people use the voice acting demos service to capture drama and narration like Carolyn Bonnyman below.  Carolyn recorded her Drama and Narration demos as part of a ► TRIPLE DEMO SESSION.


"These are all great.  Thank you so, so much.  I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and I’m absolutely delighted with what you’ve done with the results.    I love the - deceptive obviously  - simplicity of the final production, letting the voice, not the production take the foreground. I also love just how much of the flavour of each of the individual pieces that you get into the compilation, that’s a real art I think.  Thank you also for the thorough preparation, advice, support and for helping to drag me kicking and screaming into the 21st century!"
Carolyn Bonnyman 2018


  1. Carolyn Bonnyman - Narration 1 0:54
  2. Carolyn Bonnyman - Narration 3 1:03
  3. Carolyn Bonnyman - Narration 2 1:04
  4. Carolyn Bonnyman - Documentary 1 0:57
  5. Carolyn Bonnyman - Drama 1 1:05
  6. Carolyn Bonnyman - Drama 2 0:44
  7. Carolyn Bonnyman - Classical Drama 1 0:39
  8. Carolyn Bonnyman - Poem 1 0:42
  9. Carolyn Bonnyman - Narration Compilation 1:33
  10. Carolyn Bonnyman - Drama Compilation 1:53

Carolyn opted for an additional compilation here so that she has one for Drama and another for Narration.

Listen to many more examples of demos produced by Guy Michaels

AUDIO DRAMA + NARRATION Voiceover showreels £425

Record 8 tracks of up to 1 min each and be ready with a Broadcast Quality Voiceover Showreel.  Produced to BBC standards, the reel can include any combination of dramatic monologues, prose, poetry, comedy, accent showcase material.
If you want to work in Radio Drama or the world of Audiobooks then this is the Voicereel for you.  Voice Acting Demos are a must for all actors.
Full guidance on radio drama and narration scripts 

8 tracks recorded to broadcast standard

3 hours recording time dedicated to your performances

3 hours production time

Ready for BBC SoundStart Radio Drama and ACX Audible

2 min Compilation for Spotlight, Mandy, Voiceover Directories etc

Microphone Technique and Studio Etiquette Guidance

'Perfect take' editing

Lifetime hosting on SoundCloud Pro for your website and/or email signature embedding

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