Record a voice over demo for two different markets.

Full 8 track commercial demo + either radio drama/audiobooks or corporate demo

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Katie's Commercial and Corporate compilations from a voice over demo DOUBLE session

  1. Katie Flamman - commercial VOICEREEL 1:19
  2. Katie Flamman - corporate VOICEREEL 1:40

Stanley's Commercial and Drama compilations from a voice over demo DOUBLE session

  1. Stanley Eldridge - commercial VOICEREEL 1:27
  2. Stanley Eldridge - drama VOICEREEL 2:03

"I had my 'Double' recording session with Guy a couple of weeks ago now, which consisted of me recording a Commercial Reel along with a Corporate Reel."

"It was great fun to record a voice over demo with Guy - relaxed, friendly and so much fun. We initially went through all the ideas I had brought with me and Guy advised me on what he thought would be the best examples to show of my range as a VO without stepping too far away from my natural voice. I'm really happy with the final result and everyone I've played the finish product to thinks they sound marvellous.Thanks Guy!"


So what do you get when you book The Double?

You record 8 Commercial Tracks and choose 4 Radio Drama/Audiobook tracks or 4 Corporate tracks. So as an actor you may want to opt for the Radio Drama/Audiobooks for your second reel. If you are a 'Voiceover' it may serve you to go for the Corporate option. Within a couple of weeks you'll be in receipt of not only 2 Professional Compilations (for use with Spotlight, Mandy, Voiceover Directories, Voiceover Agents etc) but 12 fully produced tracks as shown in the playlist below.



In addition to the two compilations above, Katie received all of these individual tracks ranging from adverts through to explainer videos and elearning.

  1. Katie Flamman - ad 1 0:13
  2. Katie Flamman - ad 2 0:10
  3. Katie Flamman - ad 3 0:08
  4. Katie Flamman - ad 4 0:05
  5. Katie Flamman - ad 5 0:11
  6. Katie Flamman - appeal 1 0:15
  7. Katie Flamman - psa 1 0:14
  8. Katie Flamman - link 1 0:23
  9. Katie Flamman - onhold 1 0:32
  10. Katie Flamman - explainer 1 0:47
  11. Katie Flamman - explainer 2 0:33
  12. Katie Flamman - elearning 1 0:30


In addition to the two compilations above, Stanley received all of these individual tracks to target specific work.

  1. Stanley Eldridge - ad 1 0:10
  2. Stanley Eldridge - ad 2 0:10
  3. Stanley Eldridge - ad 3 0:17
  4. Stanley Eldridge - ad 4 0:20
  5. Stanley Eldridge - appeal 1 0:14
  6. Stanley Eldridge - psa 1 0:11
  7. Stanley Eldridge - link 2 0:14
  8. Stanley Eldridge - link 1 0:13
  9. Stanley Eldridge - drama 1 1:02
  10. Stanley Eldridge - drama 2 1:26
  11. Stanley Eldridge - drama 3 1:19
  12. Stanley Eldridge - drama 4 0:46

THE DOUBLE is the most popular voicereel service that Guy offers.

Record a voice over demo consisting of 8 tracks for the Commercial world and make your choice for the second specialist reel.

8 Commercial tracks recorded and fully produced 4 Drama/Narrative tracks recorded and fully produced Or 4 Corporate tracks (IVR, Explainer, e-learning etc) recorded and fully produced

4 hours recording plus 8 hours production time

90 second Compilation for Spotlight, Castnet, CCP, Voiceover Directories etc 2 min Drama/Narrative Compilation CCP, Castnet, VoicesPro uploading Full consultation and guidance

Expert direction

Custom royalty free music and effects

'Perfect take' editing

Preparation materials

Technical Advice

Lifetime hosting on SoundCloud Pro for your website and/or email signature embedding

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