6 tracks plus a compilation targeted at the bread'n'butter market for most voiceover artists

Professionally produced corporate voice over demos from the UK's industry leader

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Listen to Mike's Corporate Voice-reel

  1. Mike Feldsher - corporate VOICEREEL 1:38

Listen to Claire's Corporate Voice-reel

  1. Claire Trusson - corporate VOICEREEL 1:39

"Guy, you are a master at work!  First of all thank you so much for such a great experience recording my first ever voicereel."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day in the studio with you and think you are a master at work! Secondly I LOVE the finished product. I can't stop listening to the tracks and am really happy with all of them eeekkk!!"


So what do you get when you book a Corporate Voiceover Demo?

For your corporate voice over demo you'll be recording 6 tracks tailored to your target market.  With so many expanding areas of voiceover, you may want to focus on the business world (telephony/IVR, corporate explainer video) or use this service to record tracks including e-learning and education, medical/technical narration.  If you are already working in VO, what are you getting booked for?  Book to record 6 tracks and soon after, you'll be in receipt of the fully produced tracks and the all-important compilation to show off your vocal skills.  

Watch this video as Stella Stocker explains how she started her voiceover career with Voiceover Kickstart.

  1. Stella Stocker - educational 1 0:44
  2. Stella Stocker - explainer 1 1:02
  3. Stella Stocker - narration 1 0:53
  4. Stella Stocker - on hold 1 0:18
  5. Stella Stocker - report 1 0:48
  6. Stella Stocker - tech 1 0:53
  7. Stella Stocker - corporate VOICEREEL 1:49

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A corporate voice over demo will make you ready for multiple voiceover markets.  Out of all the types of voiceover demos it probably the most important one to have.  Even if you don't think of yourself as having a traditionally 'corporate voice' -  these days all types of voices are used for work that comes under the banner of 'Corporate Voiceover Work'.  It's not just dry financial stuff; you could be the voice of an exciting adventure travel company or a new local florists, or perhaps a series of on-hold messages for a gym?
With over 20 years experience, Guy will give detailed advice on Corporate Voiceover Scripts
6 tracks recorded and produced
2 hours recording time dedicated to your performances
3 hours production time
'Best of' compilation and each of the full tracks to target specific jobs
'Perfect take' editing

Lifetime hosting on SoundCloud Pro for your website and/or email signature embedding

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