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Commercial voicereels

Commercial Voicereels now include 8 tracks

PLEASE NOTE:  This service is also available as part of the DOUBLE VOICEREEL along with Corporate voicereels.

A commercial voice demo reel is an essential tool for any actor or professional voiceover artist

A highly polished set of commercial voicereels will make you ready for all kinds of work including but not limited to TV commercials, Radio Spots, Links, Charity Appeals….anything which is selling a product, service or idea.

Don’t forget that having a commercial voice demo reel ready on your website, on Spotlight etc is often cited as giving casting directors an opportunity to match the voice to the face.

 Guy will give detailed advice on Commercial Voiceover Scripts

  1. Kate Whelan – UK Commercial Voicereel short version voice-reel.com 0:58
  2. Courtney Chavez – US Commercial Voicereeeel voice-reel.com 1:27
  3. Matthew Forsythe – UK Commercial Voicereel voice-reel.com 1:42
  4. PJ Aubrey – US Commercial Voicereel voice-reel.com 1:20
  5. Stephanie Siadatan – UK Commercial VOICEREEL voice-reel.com 1:00

“I recently had a commercial and corporate showreel revamp and overhaul with VOICE-REEL.COM and I’m so pleased I did. This time I wanted to explore and showcase some different styles and Guy didn’t disappoint. Not only was it a really fun and intensive session, the end results are really diverse, crisp and professional – you are a magician!!”    Kate Whelan

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OFFER RATE Commercial


Impactful and industry-leading commercial voice over demos with your personal flair!

✓   8 tracks fully produced

✓   2 hour recording session

✓   6 hours production time

✓   Compilation (voicereel)

✓   ‘Perfect take’ editing

✓   Expert direction

✓   Zoom rehearsal

✓   Broadcast level mastering

✓  WAV and optimised mp3 files

✓  SoundCloud Pro hosting

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24 months FREE premium listing 

What is an Audiogram?

These are animated visual voicereels giving yet another way to showcase your work as a voice actor.  All are built to a custom design matching your branding!

 For a LIMITED TIME these are free with voicereels!

Check out the demo Audiogram below

Recording your Commercial Voicereels

You’ll be recording a selection of 8 tracks for your commercial voice demo reel.  This can cover Adverts, Charity Appeals, PSAs, Links Promos…basically anything selling a product, service or idea.  Within a week or so, you’ll be in receipt of not only the all-important Professional Compilations (voicereel) but 6 fully produced tracks as shown in the playlist below.

Actor Claire Eden came to record with Guy in January 2019.  Here are 6 Commercial tracks and the Compilation/Voicereel.

  1. Claire Eden – ad 1 0:16
  2. Claire Eden – ad 2 0:28
  3. Claire Eden – ad 3 0:19
  4. Claire Eden – ad 4 0:17
  5. Claire Eden – ad 5 0:11
  6. Claire Eden – appeal 1 0:48
  7. Claire Eden – commercial VOICEREEL 1:40