Voiceover Coaching

What can I cover in an online voiceover coaching session?

Generally we first assess where you are in voice acting in general, where you want to go and then make a plan to get you there!  Sound simple?  It’s not really because you will have strengths, weaknesses, gaps in knowledge etc and instead of just jumping in it’s important to approach your voiceover business strategically. 

Voiceover coaching

As your voice over coach, you can rest assured that I’ve encountered every type of ‘block’ that inhibits a voiceover artist’s success.  I can help you to identify these ‘blocks’ and smash through them!

In your Voiceover Coaching 121 we can cover:

  • Improving your recording studio (or setting one up)
  • Making the most of your equipment and software
  • Noise reduction or specific studio production skills
  • Branding, websites and marketing your voiceover business
  • Running the ‘business side’ of voice overs
  • Making the most of online casting sites
  • Acting skills at the mic including developing character voices
  • Script interpretation
  • Finding your authentic voice
  • Demo production
  • Working remotely
  • Booking work
  • and much more…

As your personal voice over coach, you can tell me what you would like to focus on at the point of booking.

Other voice over talent who have worked with me over the years sometimes want to solve a very specific technical issue or take a look at their career as a whole.  Some want to participate in voice acting classes and that’s where the membership of Voiceover Kickstart comes in.  With my many years of experience, I can help you too!

PLEASE NOTE: In a coaching program or individual session with me, we can cover any combination of specific voiceover, career or technical topics or queries.

What type of Voiceover Coaching do you need?

Script approach? Improved confidence in live sessions? Specific techniques for genres such as commercials, corporate narration, explainers, documentaries or even character work?

I’ll help you to develop your unique bullet-proof toolkit so you can tackle any voiceover job.

No matter whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned pro, my 25 years as voiceover, engineer and producer will shake you up, push you in new directions, develop you further and re-inspire you to fulfil the greatness that lives inside of you!

I have taught voice acting skills for RADA, GSA, LAMDA and Mountview, on university programmes, in studios throughout London and to many hundreds of individual actors and voiceover artists through my programmes and live sessions. I draw upon my experience as a trained actor and 25 years at the microphone delivering all kinds of projects for clients all over the world.

I love one on one instruction in which I can tailor the advice and experience for everyone who books me as their voice acting coach. Even in just one session, you’ll come away from it feeling more confident and ready to put the skills into practice.

In our first session, we’ll work out together what you both want and need to cover. We’ll get to the action right away and jump in with some script work that will help you to develop key skills that have made me one of the busiest and most successful British voice over artists working today.

I’m as passionate about my work as in voiceover coaching as I am about audio engineering and my ongoing career as a voice actor.

Professional Voiceover Coaching with Guy Michaels

We can work on:

  • Vocal flexibility and stamina
  • Achieving your full expressive ability
  • Improving confidence for live sessions
  • Acting skills at the mic
  • Developing character voices
  • Script interpretation
  • Upping your voiceover audition hit-rate
  • Finding your authentic voice
  • Making you ultimately more employable as a voice over talent
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OFFER RATE Commercial


Impactful and industry-leading commercial voice over demos with your personal flair!

✓   8 tracks fully produced

✓   2 hour recording session

✓   6 hours production time

✓   Compilation (voicereel)

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24 months FREE premium listing 

OFFER RATE Corporate


For voice actors needing a high-class demo for the business world

✓   6 tracks fully produced

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✓   Compilation (voicereel)



Commercial + Corporate

2 fully produced Voiceover Demos for 2 markets. 

✓   14 tracks fully produced

✓   3 hour recording session

✓   8 hours production time

✓   2 compilations (voicereels)

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UNRIVALLED gaming voice acting demos.  Engineered to sound just like the real thing!

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✓   Bespoke scripts

✓   Custom soundscapes

✓   2 hours recording

✓   8 hours production time

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24 months FREE premium listing 

What is an Audiogram?

These are animated visual voicereels giving yet another way to showcase your work as a voice actor.  All are built to a custom design matching your branding!

 For a LIMITED TIME these are free with voicereels!

Check out the demo Audiogram below