Voice Reels for Actors

Voice Reels for Actors


Many actors have 'Record a Voice Reel' on their to-do list for years but for numerous reasons it keeps being put off. As an actor myself leaving drama school in the late nineties it was on my list. Seven years later (having worked on and off in theatre) it was still on my list. A few lucky connections enabled me to work in Corporate VO but I was never organised enough to get a professional voice-reel produced.

So in a way I was actually working in VO (getting paid for it at least) but I still did not have a Voiceover Demo. Thinking back there were three reasons.

One – cost. It always seemed prohibitively expensive.

Two – lack of choice/competition. 15 years ago leaving drama training in London there seemed to be very few producers. Bernard Shaw, who sadly passed away in 2008 was the first port of call for most actors in the UK.

Three – lack of vision on my part. In those days my understanding of the Voiceover Market was Corporate or TV/Radio Advertising (usually using big name artists). I was focussed on working in theatre.

Then a funny thing happened.

The internet. This changed everything and whilst rep theatre was diminishing as a way for a young actor to find employment the opposite began to happen to the world of voiceover. The need for Voice Artists tripled, quadrupled…….today there are endless openings in voiceover in many areas that were unimaginable in the pre-internet days. Just take a look at the big Voiceover Directories such as Voices.com, Voice123, The Voice Realm to name but a few; this will give you an idea of the demand.

So, if you are an actor and don't have a voice-reel, a professional one, move it to the top of your list. What better way of earning an income to support your career as an actor. Flexible and interesting work is just a voice-reel away!


Source: www.roundisland.net/voicereels