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Summary of 'The Recorded Voice' programme

Over 7 days Guy will lead you through the working life of a voiceover artist. Up to the minute advice, practical examples and a whole bunch of immediate actions you can take. Suitable for all levels, this multi-module course will inspire you and help you to make key decisions about your voiceover career today. 

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actor voiceover
Guy, BRILLIANT, for the jobbing Voiceovers of us the modules were short and concise and packed with advice, direction and information

Patrick Mckenzie

voiceover courses online
I love the new site! It’s fantastic! I met Guy about five years ago in one of his workshops and have so far done Kickstart 1 and 2. It set me off on a consistent voiceover career! Looking forward to what’s to come!

Stella Stocker

voiceover artist
What a gem of a course Voiceover Kickstart is! Take it from an old dinosaur like me – I’ve been mightily blessed and very successful in this business of voice overs for 35 years so far…I truly wish this course had been available at the start of my career! Voiceover Kickstart, where have you been all my life?

Gabriel Porras

Take your career to the next level with The Recorded Voice

"My focus is employability.  The programmes, modules, interviews, community and more work in harmony to help you take your career to the next level.  In the increasingly isolated world of the voiceover artist, having a safe and supportive space for discussion and development is of the utmost importance.  " 

Guy Michaels

Director of Voiceover Kickstart Ltd

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