"Spending thousands of hours, recording and producing professional voiceover showreels for hundreds of clients, it's difficult to choose voiceover demo examples. I refresh this selection once in a while but I hope these voice reel samples give an idea of the range and quality. It has been my pleasure to work with each and every voiceover or actor since 2006 and produce these voice over reels. Thank you!"

GUY - July 2019


Commercial Voiceover Demo examples

When you record a Commercial demo, you receive all tracks in their full versions. Here are examples of the Compilations. ► BOOK YOUR SESSION

  1. Eilidh Beaton - commercial VOICEREEL 1:21
  2. Antoinette Bunyan - commercial VOICEREEL 1:28
  3. Leon Campbell - commercial VOICEREEL 1:36
  4. William de Coverly - Commercial VOICEREEL 1:29
  5. Lily Donovan - commercial VOICEREEL 1:34
  6. Anna Doolan - commercial VOICEREEL 1:36
  7. Mike Feldsher - commercial VOICEREEL 1:28
  8. Natalie Husdan - commercial VOICEREEL 1:34
  1. Kjelland - G - commercial VOICEREEL Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:35
  2. Nicki Shields - commercial VOICEREEL 1:25
  3. Kyle Martin - commercial VOICEREEL 1:25
  4. CK Nath - commercial VOICEREEL 1:37
  5. Tim Odofin - Commercial VOICEREEL 1:05
  6. Donna-Louise Bryan - commercial VOICEREEL 1:36
  7. Holly Standbrook - commercial VOICEREEL 1:23
  8. Maia Watkins - commercial VOICEREEL 1:23

All voice reel sessions are now recorded remotely.  Check availability and viability today.

Radio Drama and Audiobooks Demo examples

Whether you have an interest in Radio Drama or want to try your hand at audiobooks, you'll need a high quality demo to get that all-important foot in the door. Having taught acting at Mountview and Sadler's Wells, run workshops for The Actors Centre, The Actors' Guild, GSA, RADA and ArtsEd, I am on hand to give as much or as little direction as needed to help you create a great demo reel.

Want to focus on Audiobooks or Documentaries?

Some Voiceovers book this session solely for Narration. For example, you'll see below that Jay Britton recorded documentary style tracks. Perhaps you want to focus on Audiobooks or maybe as an actor you want to record a wide selection of Dramatic Monologues. We can discuss these options. BOOK YOUR SESSION

  1. Rory Barnett - Narration VOICEREEL 2:00
  2. Cathy Conneff - Drama + Narration 2:04
  3. Sophie Dean - Drama + Narration 2:00
  4. Jay Britton - Documentary Narration 1:32
  5. Rebecca Giacopazzi - Drama + Narration 2:05
  6. Susheel Kumar - Drama + Narration 2:00
  1. Rachel Shelley - Drama + Narration Guy Michaels 2:04
  2. Neill Mckenzie - Drama+Narration 2:00
  3. Patrick Mckenzie - Drama + Narration 2:02
  4. Claire Trusson - Drama + Narration 2:08
  5. Sarah Ward - Drama + Narration 1:59
  6. Liptrott - J - Drama + Narration VOICEREEL Round Island 2:03

Gaming + Animation Voiceover Demo examples


I am very proud of these Character Showreels below and the clients absolutely love them! They are hard work, for both parties. If you are committed and really want to show off a wide range of clearly defined (and sustainable) character voices then I am the producer for you. No doubt. Yes, ok they cost £650 and at first glance that seems expensive for what ends up as a 80 to 90 second track. Consider for a moment, the time and energy, focus and dedication that goes into producing a demo of this quality. 

Even with the need for custom voiceover auditions these days, making a voice over demo is still something that all voice actors need to do.  Professional voiceover showreel production is my thing!  I know what casting directors need to hear from you and how to create a great reel that will get you heard and booked.

Find out more about Voice Acting Demos for Videogames

A truly custom service

After our consultation and having listened to test recordings I create the scripts for your session. The session is focussed purely on your performances, recording multiple takes of each piece. It is exhausting yet great fun. Then I begin the production work. The longest this has ever taken me was 12 hours (spread over a week). If that is what it takes then so be it. Remember, your demo is a showcase for both of us. You can choose to focus on Gaming, Animation or a mixture of both. ► BOOK YOUR SESSION

  1. Beau Thomas - GAMING DEMO 2023 1:54
  2. Alberto Pereira - Gaming Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:33
  3. Eliza Chadwick - Gaming Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:26
  4. Katie Stallworthy -Character/Animation Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:36
  5. Peter Noble - Gaming + Animation 1:17
  6. Will de Meo - Gaming 1:32

Corporate Voice Reel Samples

Often recorded as part of ► THE DOUBLE voiceover demo service, these are a showcase for work ranging from elearning to IVR, on-hold, explainer video and more.  If you would like to record a standalone Corporate Voiceover Demo then you can ► find out more here

  1. Phil Bishop - corporate VOICEREEL 2:02
  2. Carlie Bonavia - corporate VOICEREEL 1:26
  3. Chris Brandon - corporate VOICEREEL 1:05
  4. Sara Buxton - corporate VOICEREEL 1:15
  5. Liz Drury - corporate VOICEREEL 1:33
  6. Mel Elliott - corporate Demo 1:22
  7. Luci Fish - corporate VOICEREEL 1:58
  8. Nigel Fyfe - corporate VOICEREEL 1:45
  1. Maw - K - Corporate VOICEREEL Round Island 1:24
  2. Hooley - C - corporate VOICEREEL Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:25
  3. Annina Kaski - corporate VOICEREEL 1:33
  4. Richard Mann - corporate VOICEREEL 1:04
  5. Bhav Parmar - corporate VOICEREEL 1:28
  6. Amelia Slaughter - corporate VOICEREEL 1:02
  7. Colin Spaull - corporate VOICEREEL 0:59
  8. Will Kelly - corporate VOICEREEL 1:34

Foreign Voiceover Demo examples

As of 2023 Guy has produced demos for Voiceover Artists and Actors in over 25 languages.

  1. Pereira - A - IVR 1 SPAN Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 0:12
  2. Melvin Vermeer - Dutch 0:25
  3. Melvin Vermeer - Dutch 0:53
  4. Ck Nath - Hindi 0:29
  5. Katya Sokolova - Russian 0:32
  6. Katya Sokolova - Russian 0:28
  7. Zita Téby - German 0:43
  8. Zita Téby - Hungarian 0:38