Voice-reel Clients + Testimonials

Your voice-reel says as much about me as it does about you. Quality is an obsession.  Here is a selection of testimonials since 2006.  

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Guy Michaels - April 2017

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Caroline Woodruff on working with Guy: "For any VoiceOver seeking to secure work one needs samples. It's our shop window, so naturally you want to put forward a range of goods as well as demonstrate the quality. Guy helps you to do just that. Even for a seasoned professional it's great to work with Guy as he pushes you. Try this, try that, imagine you're really under stress/bored/a deranged fairy! He really puts you through your paces and in fact the recording of my Character and Animation showreel was akin to a full physical workout! The process was collaborative, which I love, and painless. He's likeable, generous and professional and very talented. If you're serious about the business, get yourself to Voiceover Kickstart."
CAROLINE WOODRUFF - Professional Voiceover Artist


I’d been planning a new commercial voice demo for a while, and also had it in mind to create a gaming and animation voicereel, but wasn’t quite sure where to start. After a few minutes chatting, I was confident that I wanted to work with Guy to do the job.

Guy has been helpful and professional throughout the process, helping and encouraging me to select voice types and scripts that would showcase my voice to best effect, and fit my strengths and personality.

On the day, I had an absolute blast, Guy is a constant source of useful, practical information, and his experience in selecting, directing and producing voice tracks was obvious.

One word of advice: if you choose to work with Voiceover Kickstart on your next voicereel, you’ll get out what you put into it, and any time you spend ahead of your recording session working out what you actually want from it will be time well spent. I’m delighted with mine."

Malk Williams, 2015

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Nina Hatchwell came to record her English and German Voicereels with Guy Michaels in November 2014. The day after she received her finished tracks she landed a voiceover job for a TV ad and an audition for a film VO. She shares her experience of working with Guy here.  (ignore old email address at the end!)

"I've been to a few Voice Reel companies but Guy and Round Island are by far the best. From the moment I emailed him he was professional, offering great suggestions but also making me take charge of my own showreel recording. In the studio he made it all so smooth and easy, offering advice, support and tips on how to get the best out of my voice. It's obvious he's an integral part of the Voice Over community and this proves invaluable as he knows the best and most relevant material to use on your showreel. It was a great session and I'd highly recommend anyone who wants a Voice reel to use Guy and Round Island." Sam Dunham

"Guy Michaels at Round Island provides a fantastic comprehensive service covering everything from advice and tips on sourcing original material, coaching on technique, constant encouragement, the recordings themselves as well as invaluable knowledge on setting yourself up in the voice industry. My reel sounds unique and professional and within just a week of receiving it and putting it online, I secured voice over work with Vodafone." Rachel Voldman

"Thank you so much. No wonder you were so highly recommended! It sounds terrific." Marilyn Cutts

"I would highly recommend Round Island. I did a reel with another company which was very poor quality - wish I had known about Round Island first!" Jackie Lye

"Guy Michaels is a genius. Not only am I incredibly pleased and happy with the final voice demo. Guy opened my eyes to a whole new world when attending the workshop "Get started in Voiceover". I am super excited to get started with my new reel and the world of voice over! Guy took his time in understanding my style and voice which meant that the reel was individual, and perfect for my selling point in the industry. I felt incredibly relaxed and comfortable and there was time to play around and just enjoy the recording to get what we both wanted. Which I believe is really important. His direction and expertise was superb. And his recording studio is pretty cool too!! I would highly recommend Round Island to anybody looking for a cracking new reel. Thank you. Anna Doolan

"I highly recommend Guy at Roundisland Showreels. He puts a lot of time and effort into ensuring your showreel is finished to a high standard. He's also great at helping to direct you so you perform to the best of your ability." Anna Clough

"I had such a lovely day recording my voice reel, I was extremely nervous and turned up an hour early like a muppet but was soon calmed down by Guy, and a lovely cup of tea! Very professional, friendly and fun way to record! I will definitely be back!" Naomi Battrick

"Great day #recording with the incredible Guy Michaels @roundislandnet" Lucy Charles

"The whole recording session was brilliant, I felt relaxed, listened to, and equipped to do the best job possible, not only in recording my reel, but in going forward with working in the industry too. I was shortlisted for a great job before I even had my reel, and I credit that to the solid advice I was given by Guy during my session." Lauren Baino

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my voice reel. I am delighted with both of them and now on a mission to find work! I enjoyed the recording process thoroughly and was completely relaxed for the duration. I left feeling incredibly inspired and with a knowledge of exactly what to do next. I will recommend you and your company to all my friends and colleagues in the future." Shelley Bentley

"Oh wow! @roundislandnet Things are real now, no more excuses. Thank you so much for helping make it happen." Molly Gray

"Fantastic day yesterday recording my voicereel with Guy Michaels of @roundislandnet. Great chap, great service" Simon Lyshon

"Thank you so much, I love them! Thank you also for making the session really engaging and incredibly helpful!" Anouk Chalmers

"Well done , I like it very much." Keith Chopping

"@roundislandnet thank you Guy! Awesome Saturday in your studio with you. :)" Nina Hatchwell

"Wow! Guy... What can I say? I am so impressed by what you have created here! Thank you SO much, this is fantastic! I am so happy!! Hopefully these will be so useful! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and thank you for everything!" Grace Lewis

"I just wanted to thank you for today, it was a great experience and I could not be more happy with how the recording went. I am really excited to hear it when it's all cut together, and to get it up and out into the world. " Molly Gray

"Hello Guy, You've done such hard work!!!! Thank you so much!!! I am really happy about the result!!!! " Yasmine Yagchi

"Many thanks Guy, That is fantastic. Really happy with the voicereel and getting some great feedback. " Michael Absalom

"Superb voiceover reel session with Guy Michaels @roundislandnet - so much useful info, direction and advice! Excited for future work!" Aimee Nazroo

"Guy is an expert in the field of voice over. He takes time to work with each client, get to know their style & range which results in producing highly individual voice reels tailored for the market place. He is meticulous with the scripts ensuring that he gets the best result for the client. Guy also provides detailed knowledge on how best to market the reel and gives his clients guidance on how best to progress & gain employment in the field of voice over. Working with him was a real pleasure . I highly recommend him." Catherine McDonough

"Huge thanks to @guy_michaels & @roundislandnet for my voicereel! Had so much fun doing it, and highly recommend them :)" Chris Thomson

"Spent the day at @roundislandnet recording a Voicereel! Guy Michaels really made me feel comfortable & got the best out of me. Thanks again!" Chris Thomson

"Fantastic. Really happy with all of them, Guy! Will get to work getting work!! Thanks so much," Patrick Holt

"Round Island were fantastic at producing my commercial and narrative/drama voicereels. Guy has a wealth of knowledge and was brilliant to work with. I would highly recommend him." Katie Pattinson

“I had already been a voice artist for 15 years before I worked with Guy, but his detailed work coaching and directing me produced an absolutely fantastic demo, easily the best yet! This in turn has landed me a lot more voice overs. He has a very relaxed way work working and gets the best out of you and your voice. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a voice demo (and indeed already have)” Richard Mann

"Guy was fantastic to work with from start to finish. He put me at ease straight away and was a constant source of support. Unlike some other voice reel companies you aren't handed a ready made script but rather guided by Guy to find the right pieces to suit your voice and needs. This gives your reel an individual and unique sound and ultimately a more professional reel. Guy is professional and knows the voice industry like the back of his hand. Very reasonably priced for the quality of service you receive." Natasha Vieira

"Absolutely brilliant! Thanks again for your hard work & brilliant ears. ". Shelley Draper

"Guy was a pleasure to work with. Before the session he gave great advice and support with the choosing of pieces. The session itself was relaxed and fun. Guy is very knowledgable and was happy to answer any questions I had. And I am very happy with the results!" Helen Jessica Liggat

"Hey Guy! Just to let you know that I was subbed on Spotlight for a voice job today (first since I put the reel up) and was shortlisted! Cross your fingers I get it but even if not that's a very positive sign!" Rachel Voldman

"I GOT THE JOB! Must have a good voicereel or something! Thanks for all your help!" Rachel Voldman (the next day)

"Great stuff Guy! Like I said not the easiest thing to listen to personally but the quality is excellent, really pleased. " Jon Cottrell

"I’m having a blast, doing what I love, working my own hours and getting paid for it - I’m so glad you produced my reel! Have a wonderful day and thanks again for the brilliant pep talk." Zehra Jane Naqvi

"Thank you for your hard work on this! I will tweet this too!! So happy to of worked on this with you and my agent is very happy too. They like what we've captured with the voice here. Hope to see you soon!!" Lara Heller

"Thoroughly recommend Guy Michaels @roundislandnet He certainly knows his stuff! Loved working with you! " Sophie Walton

“@roundislandnet Pleasure working with you Guy! I learned loads and loved being in the booth. Can't wait to hear how it turns out!” Helen Jessica Liggat

"Absolutely DELIGHTED with my new #voicereel THANK YOU @guy_michaels @roundislandnet #actionstations" Beatrice Curnew

"Just finished a fantastic recording session with @guy_michaels @roundislandnet I couldn't have felt more relaxed, great director #voicereel" Shelly Bentley

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my voice reels. I am delighted with both of them and now on a mission to find work! I enjoyed the recording process thoroughly and was completely relaxed for the duration. I left feeling incredibly inspired and with a knowledge of exactly what to do next. I will recommend you and your company to all my friends and colleagues in the future." Shelly Bentley

"Guy these sound fantastic, thank you so much for dedicating so much time to them. I am very grateful for your OCD! Had an absolute blast recording these with you sir, I will certainly do all I can to recommend your services to others. Look forward to hearing the drama reel..." Joshua Manning

"Despite looking petrified in this picture, I had a blast! Thanks Guy". Gem Carmella

"Just got my voicereel back from @roundislandnet & I couldn't be happier! Hurray! Come on Radio 4." Charlie Ryall

"Thank you ever so much Guy, you're amazing, that's brilliant thank you for your help" Danielle Diane White

"First of all thank you so much for such a great experience recording my first ever voicereel. I thoroughly enjoyed the day in the studio with you and think you are a master at work! Secondly I LOVE the finished product. I can't stop listening to the tracks and am really happy with all of them eeekkk!!" Gemma Knight Jones

"I love the tracks and have uploaded everything everywhere-ha! Thanks so much and I am so grateful. They are fabulous." Wendy-Lee Purdy

"Thank you so much. No wonder you were so highly recommended! It sounds terrific." Marilyn Cutts

"Despite many years experience as an actress the world of Voice Over work was new territory for me therefore I was very grateful that Guy offered plenty of direction and guidance through the process. I found the experience very organised and straightforward and extremely enjoyable. I was also very happy with the finished product" Sally Walsh

“Round Island was strongly recommended to me by a friend and I couldn't have wished for a more satisfying experience. Guy is extraordinarily good at his job and was able to insist on very high technical standards while still maintaining an atmosphere of relaxation and informality. Round Island is a first rate company offering a first rate service.” Mark Elstob

"Guy provides a fantastic and professional service." Marianne Hare

"I am incredibly pleased with both my commercial and drama voice reel recorded with Round Island. Guy’s attention to detail and fantastic direction really helped me deliver a performance I am very happy with. Highly recommended." Laura Stevely

Guy provides a great, professional service with a high quality finish. The cost was very reasonable and the turn around time faster than I expected. He give good recommendations and advice before appointment, to help bring out the best." Sarah Sharman

"Guy helped to provide information both directly and from his website so I was able to prepare fully before our appointment. This resulted in a very efficient, relaxed and productive session. I instantly felt able to put my trust in Guy's expertise and use more time getting creative with the recording to achieve a larger variety of interpretations to choose from in the final edit. I am extremely happy with the results and would readily recommend his services." Philippa Howard

"I recorded my voice reel with Guy and was very happy with the results. I found Guy's approach to be personable and professional and I highly recommend his work." Helen Bolitho

"Guy is an absolute professional, and real joy to work with, who will coax the best out of your voice and go the extra mile to make a professional reel that will be sure to make you shine!" Paul Butterworth

"Guy Michaels was great! He was very helpful even in choosing the material to read and guided me during my recording. I would highly recommend Round Island!" Antonella Axisa

"I have just finished recording a Voice Reel with Guy Michaels at Round Island and I have to say it was a hugely enjoyable experience and I am delighted with the finished product. From the early planning stages Guy was very helpful and informative. Guy creates a very professional and relaxed environment in his comfortable studio allowing you, the actor, to focus and enjoy working with the scripts. It is a very safe environment which I think is essential for creating good work." Morgan James