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Looking for scripts for voice reels?


Are you preparing to elevate your voice over career? Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out in the industry having a strong voice reel is crucial, for showcasing your talent to clients and agents. What’s the key to an outstanding voice reel? It all begins with the scripts.

Voice reel scripts, (or voice over practice scripts) serve as the foundation of any voice reel. These scripts are what will showcase your range, versatility and acting abilities. From commercials to narrations, video games to animations it’s essential to have a selection of scripts in your voice reel that demonstrate your ability to handle any project that may come your way.

However discovering the scripts for your voice reel can be an endeavour. Whether you’re seeking scripts for voice reels or are just want some inspiration we’ve got you covered. Our collection of curated voice reel scripts is designed to help you highlight your talent and stand out in this industry.

The VO-Star® voiceover script library is probably the largest in the world:

Voice Over Scripts | Voiceover Script Library (


Here’s a selection of specifically commercial voice over scripts that can be used on voice reels:

Commercial Voiceover Scripts | Voiceover Kickstart


Perhaps you are recording your own corporate voiceover demo?

Corporate Voiceover Scripts | Voiceover Kickstart


We also have a large selection of non-fiction narration scripts:

Narration Voiceover Scripts | Voiceover Kickstart

If you want to record an industry-leading voiceover demo then contact Guy Michaels today:

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