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Looking for scripts for voice reels?


Are you preparing to elevate your voice over career? Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out in the industry having a strong voice reel is crucial, for showcasing your talent to clients and agents. What’s the key to an outstanding voice reel? It all begins with the scripts.

Scripts for voice reels serve as the foundation of any voice reel. They need to be bespoke, modern, relevant and not some old tired script that’s been recorded by every voice actor in the world!

These scripts are what will showcase your range, versatility and acting abilities. It’s essential to have a selection of scripts in your voice reel that demonstrate your ability to handle any project that may come your way.

However, finding scripts for voice reels can be a real pain in the backside.

Whether you’re seeking scripts for your demos or are just want some inspiration we’ve got you covered. Our collection of curated voice reel scripts is designed to help you highlight your talent and stand out in this industry.

The VO-Star® voiceover script library is probably the largest in the world:

Voice Over Scripts | Voiceover Script Library (


Here’s a selection of specifically commercial scripts for voice reels:

Commercial Voiceover Scripts | Voiceover Kickstart


Perhaps you are recording your own corporate voiceover demo?

Corporate Voiceover Scripts | Voiceover Kickstart


We also have a large selection of non-fiction narration scripts:

Narration Voiceover Scripts | Voiceover Kickstart


If you want to record an industry-leading voiceover demo then contact Guy Michaels today:

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There are so many different types of scripts for voice reels!

Different script types are used to demonstrate various styles and tones, tailored to specific industries and applications.

  1. Commercial Scripts: These scripts are designed to promote products or services, often incorporating persuasive language, catchy slogans, and engaging storytelling to capture the listener’s attention. They can range from energetic and enthusiastic to warm and conversational.
  2. Narration Scripts: Narration scripts are used in documentaries, audiobooks, explainer videos, and corporate presentations. They require a clear and authoritative voice to convey information in an engaging manner, ensuring the audience remains interested and informed.
  3. Character Scripts: These scripts involve voicing animated or fictional characters in cartoons, video games, or radio dramas. Character scripts demand strong acting skills to bring personalities to life, with a wide range of vocal styles and emotional expressions.
  4. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Scripts: IVR scripts guide callers through automated phone systems, providing instructions and options. A clear and concise voice is essential for effective IVR scripts to ensure easy navigation for the user.
  5. Promo Scripts: Promo scripts are used to advertise upcoming shows, events, or trailers. They often feature an exciting and attention-grabbing tone to create anticipation and generate interest in the subject matter.
  6. E-Learning Scripts: E-learning scripts accompany online courses and training materials. They require a patient and informative voice to guide learners through educational content, making complex topics easy to understand.
  7. Radio Imaging Scripts: Radio imaging scripts create the station’s sonic identity, including station IDs, sweepers, and liners. These scripts often feature a lively and engaging voice to establish a connection with the audience and reinforce the station’s brand.
  8. Video Game Scripts: Video game scripts involve voicing characters within the game’s narrative, dialogue, and cutscenes. They require diverse vocal styles and acting abilities to bring the game’s characters to life, immersing the player in the virtual world.

By showcasing a variety of script types in their voice reels, voice actors can demonstrate their versatility and appeal to a wider range of clients and projects.

Where to find practice voice over scripts

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