As many of you know 'Round Island' was a Video Showreel editing company run by Ben Warren.  Ben started it in 2002 and I came on board in 2006 to produce Voiceover Demos.  Since then much has changed.  


Ben has gone on to run The Actors' Guild and also owns Tagmin - an Agent Software company.  He moved on a couple of years ago and the name Round Island stayed.  I've traded as Round Island Voicereels for a decade now but last year with the start of The Voiceover Kickstart programme it felt like it was time for change.  So now Round Island becomes Voiceover Kickstart.  



Voiceover Kickstart - that's exactly what it does.  Whether it is the 6 week programme or the demos, no matter what level of Voiceover you are working at my goal is to help you move to the next level.


Nothing has changed in terms of the service.  Each demo is meticulously produced in the same way as before and the advice and support are still at hand.  


I've been producing Voicereels for 10 years now and I still love it.  Thank you for your custom and your very kind words over the years.  I've seriously too many testimonials to fit on one site!




NEW EMAIL - active as of now

NEW WEB ADDRESS - active in March