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How much is a voice reel?

Voiceover Demo, Voicereel, Voice-tape…whatever you call them they are an essential tool for any actor, presenter, VO artist or voice actor. How much is a voice reel?

“Listening to Guy’s work shows his commitment to knowing the best way to get the most from the voice talent.  Having worked with Guy on different projects, I know he is passionate about the industry and is dedicated to delivering the best showcase for the voice.  Also, his name is Guy so that’s another good thing!”

How much is a voice reel?

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OFFER RATE Commercial


Impactful and industry-leading commercial voice over demos with your personal flair!

✓   8 tracks fully produced

✓   2 hour recording session

✓   6 hours production time

✓   Compilation (voicereel)

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24 months FREE premium listing 

OFFER RATE Corporate


For voice actors needing a high-class demo for the business world

✓   6 tracks fully produced

✓   2 hour recording session

✓   4 hours production time

✓   Compilation (voicereel)



Commercial + Corporate

2 fully produced Voiceover Demos for 2 markets. 

✓   14 tracks fully produced

✓   3 hour recording session

✓   8 hours production time

✓   2 compilations (voicereels)

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24 months FREE premium listing 



UNRIVALLED gaming voice acting demos.  Engineered to sound just like the real thing!

✓   Up to 10 characters

✓   Bespoke scripts

✓   Custom soundscapes

✓   2 hours recording

✓   8 hours production time

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24 months FREE premium listing 

What is an Audiogram?

These are animated visual voicereels giving yet another way to showcase your work as a voice actor.  All are built to a custom design matching your branding!

 For a LIMITED TIME these are free with voicereels!

Check out the demo Audiogram below

Each voiceover demo is meticulously crafted to highlight your particular skills and unique vocal qualities

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the process for recording voiceover demos
Step 1 Sound Check

I’ll check a short sample recording of your home studio* quality to make sure we can go ahead for a remote session.

*you can use a pro studio near you as an alternative

Step 2 Consultation

We’ll go through the options and the process in a Zoom call.  I’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about recording your voicereels.

Step 3 Script preparation

Working together, we’ll develop ideas for scripts that highlight your unique voice and skillset.

Step 4 Rehearsal

In preparation for your recording session, we’ll schedule a Zoom meeting during the preceding week to rehearse your scripts. This will help you feel comfortable and confident with the material.

Step 5 Record

No matter where you choose to record – your home studio or a professional facility – I’ll provide expert direction via Zoom to ensure a fun and productive session that captures your best performances.

a black and white image of a control panel

Step 6 Produce

Once you’ve sent tracks to me (WeTransfer or Dropbox) I’ll get to work optimising your recordings, editing and producing to real broadcast standards.

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the process for recording voicereels

What type of Voiceover Demo do you need?

Guy has worked on hundreds of demos and is widely regarded as the go-to producer for actors and voiceover artists alike, with many returning clients since 2006.

Drawing on his experience as a professional voice actor and producer of countless projects for renowned brands, he possesses the expertise to create a compelling voiceover demo that not only meets but surpasses industry standards, ensuring your talent truly shines.

To get the ball rolling, please use the ► contact form to let me know what you want to achieve.

How much is a voice reel?

As with anything there are low quality services, high quality services, over-priced services and everything in between.  A quick search of ‘voice over demo producers’ will throw up loads of options.  Definitely check out the real credibility of the producer, avoid the new kids on the block and if you can’t afford a professional option then don’t waste money on the cheap one either.

At first glance the price of voice reels can seem expensive.  When you then consider the experience and background of your producer, the care and attention, the hours puts in to craft the perfect end-product, they may not seem quite as costly.  Sure, they are a proper investment but a worthwhile one if you are really committed to being taken seriously in voiceover and taking your career to the next level.  Voicereels produced Guy Michaels stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the industry on both sides of the Atlantic and are far superior to the budget deals you can find popping up everywhere.  It seems that everyone with a microphone and even a tiny bit of recording experience is offering voiceover demo services these days.  The question is, just how much do you value your career?

‘How much is a voice reel?’ is very common question.  The answer varies wildly as there are many economy services out there and also services in the States costing three times as much as voice-reel.com

Guy has been producing professional voice reels since 2006.

All of the demos produced by Guy are now recorded entirely remotely. To ensure high quality, the service is designed for professional voice actors who have a home-studio or access to a facility near them. 

The live directed recording session can take place over Zoom with the audio then being sent to Guy for all post-production (using WeTransfer or Dropbox etc). Read here to find out more about Guy’s unique approach to voiceover demo production.

Contact to set up a free consultation to go through the options and process for recording a voice reel remotely. ► Contact Guy

Extra tracks

If you would like to add extra tracks to any of the services above, this can be done at a cost of £80 per track inclusive.

Voiceover Coaching with Guy

To refine your technical skills, advance your voiceover career, or master specific voicing techniques before your demo session, consider booking at least one coaching session.  These can be booked at Voice Over Coach