How to start a voice over career

Access the complete guide over at Voiceover Kickstart: How to start a voice over career


how to start a voice over career

Guy Michaels gives practical, time and money-saving advice on creating developing and sustaining your voiceover career.  Voiceover Kickstart is one of the world’s leading voiceover training bodies and you can access the free voiceover webinar today along with a whole host of free resources to support you in your voiceover journey.  Voiceover Kickstart’s programmes and community go far beyond how to start a voice over career.

If you are at the beginning and want to learn how to start a voice over career or if you are experienced but want to improve your marketing, your recording quality and knowledge then check out the full membership and what it has to offer!

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Want to record a voicereel?

Guy Michaels is the trusted VOICE REELS EXPERT now producing remote sessions only.

Limiting to working with just two clients a week ensures a personal service. As a highly experienced
voice reel producer, Guy has created the definitive voice over demo production service with an
in-depth understanding of the VoiceOver industry in a 25 year career in the business.