How to become an actor for video games

Do you dream of lending your voice to the characters in your favourite video games? If you’re passionate about voice acting and want to break into the world of video game voiceovers, here are some essential steps to help you get started. From honing your acting skills to building a professional demo reel, this guide will show you how to become an actor for video games.

Develop your voice acting skills

Once you’ve determined that video game voice acting is your true calling, the first step is to develop your acting skills. Enrol in acting classes or workshops to learn the fundamentals of voice control, character development, and emotional range. Immersing yourself in the art of acting will greatly enhance your chances of success.

Play video games!

Additionally, familiarise yourself with the gaming industry by playing a wide variety of video games. This will not only allow you to appreciate the different genres and styles but also help you understand the nuances of video game storytelling.

Record a professional voice acting demo

Next, it’s crucial to create a professional demo reel that showcases your vocal range and acting abilities. Compile a collection of diverse character voices, accents, and emotions to demonstrate your versatility as a voice actor. Remember, the more unique and captivating your demo reel is, the better your chances of grabbing the attention of casting directors and game developers. You’ll want to work with a voiceover demo producer for this!

Get heard online

Building a strong online presence is equally important in this digital age. Create a professional website or portfolio to showcase your demo reel, resume, and any relevant acting experience. Additionally, consider joining online platforms and communities dedicated to connecting voice actors with industry professionals. Networking and engaging with others in the field can open doors to potential opportunities and collaborations.

Stay pro-active to make it as a voice actor in video games

Lastly, be persistent and proactive in pursuing your passion. Seek out auditions for video game voiceover roles and submit your demo reel to casting agencies and game studios. Don’t be discouraged by rejection, as it is a common part of the industry. Keep refining your skills, attending workshops, and staying up-to-date with industry trends. With dedication and perseverance, you can make your dream of becoming a video game actor a reality.

How to become an actor for video games

A simple guide to the top 10 archetypes in video games that all voice actors should be aware of

  1. Hero: The courageous and honorable protagonist who saves the day.
  2. Villain: The cunning and malicious antagonist who opposes the hero.
  3. Sidekick: The loyal and supportive companion who aids the hero throughout their journey.
  4. Mentor: The wise and experienced guide who imparts knowledge and guidance to the hero.
  5. Wise Elder: The esteemed and knowledgeable character who provides guidance and wisdom to the hero.
  6. Femme Fatale: The alluring and mysterious character who seduces and manipulates others.
  7. Comic Relief: The humorous character who lightens the mood and provides comedic relief.
  8. Anti-Hero: The flawed and morally ambiguous character who fights for a noble cause but with questionable methods.
  9. Love Interest: The romantic partner of the hero, adding depth and romantic intrigue to the story.
  10. Mystic/Magician: The enigmatic character who possesses magical abilities or supernatural powers.

Remember that these archetypes may vary depending on the specific video game or genre, but being aware of these common archetypes can help voice actors understand and convey the characters they are portraying.

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