1. Complete the Questionnaire below

  2. Email a 'selfie' of you at your microphone smiling to camera - send to guy@voice-reel.com

  3. Choose your three 121 slots.  You should have received an invite via Doodle for this.

  4. Record the passage below and email to guy@voice-reel.com

RECORD THIS PASSAGE using your normal VO recording equipment and set-up in the same way that you do for paid work


Using "whom" in spoken language does sound overly formal these days though, so it's largely used in writing. Part of the formality is that if you use "whom," you should also follow the old rule that prepositions (with, in your example) shouldn't be placed at the very ends of sentences. That's why the formal (and technically correct) sentence is arranged as, "With whom am I speaking" instead of, "Whom am I speaking with"

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