EXPERT EDITION will return in 2019

"Awesome...the level of detail and scope of the course was truly staggering" Rory Barnett

There is an application process to make sure that the programme is right for you and that you are right for the programme.

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REFUND POLICY + TERMS Governed by and complies with the UK 14 day refund policy/law.  From date of purchase. All refunds must be requested in writing  The course is restricted to those who have completed the original Voiceover Kickstart free programme.

COST: £600

Duration:  2 weeks

Group size:  6

Next Date:  TBC



EXPERT EDITION has now been redesigned and updated.  I will only be running the course three times per year so this means there are strictly only 18 places available each year.


How will it work?

It runs Mon to Fri for two weeks.  You can fit all the content and practical tasks around your own schedule - it will take approx 2 hours each day.  Your 3 one-to-one coaching sessions must take place between 10 and 6 to suit. 

Each day will include 3 modules and the daily audition challenge - a recording and listening exercise.  In order to really benefit from the course you'd need to be able to commit to 2 hours a day.  You will of course be able to catch up over the weekend between the two weeks.  Any questions please contact me 



voiceover training online uk

I began work on this in June of last year.  Since then I've read through over 200 hundred feedback forms "what would you like to see in a later version?" and created an exciting fully interactive 2 week course that covers it all!  It was apparent that there are many perceived barriers to success in VO.  I'll be addressing those that I believe to be the most important and each of the 8 participants will benefit from a true coaching experience.

In EXPERT EDITION we'll be working in a close group of 8 to identify those barriers and aim to crash through them.

Guy Michaels Feb 2016


All content is fully customised to the group of 6 throughout the two weeks



Paul Mclaughlin - June 2016

"A fantastic in depth look at the three key areas of voiceover: vocal, technical and business. I feel ready to attack with my plan of action around these three areas and to start creating long term relationships. I know so much more before I went in and the depth and breadth of knowledge places me a giant step ahead when it comes to being a professional VO. Thanks so much!"


Nick Murphy - June 2016

"Voiceover Kickstart Expert Edition gives you the tools to manage your voiceover business in as professional a way as possible."


Carrie Afrin - June 2016

"I can't believe how much we have covered in two weeks of Expert Edition! I now have lots of new vocal techniques and technical skills but most importantly I have the confidence to use them. If that wasn't enough we have also been given some excellent business advice and our detailed Action Plan means that I can start to embed all of these points into my business in a structured way.  I can't recommend this course highly enough and I'll look forward to seeing more from VOkickstart!"

Menna Bonsels - June 2016

"The Expert Edition has helped me focus much more on what I need to be doing as well as boosting my confidence in what it is I am getting right. Guy's feedback is so helpful and it is also great getting feedback from the other participants. What truly stands out though are the 1-2-1s with Guy. In the same way he approaches making demo reels he gets to know the individual and understands their strengths and weaknesses so he can give specially tailored advice. Thanks Guy!"

Gavin Duff - June 2016

Worth it for anyone serious about a career in voiceover. The focus on the voice, technical details and working towards rock solid business goals.

James Gillies - June 2016

"If you have completed the free course, I really recommend the Expert Edition. Yes, you have to pay for it, and money might be tight, but it is worth every penny. I have been doing this job for a while now, yet there were at least half a dozen lessons I was able to take away from the course, all of which engendered major improvements to both my sound and my working practice. These improvements are generating more income from the same work. No matter where you are in your career, it is never too late to get better."

Liz Drury - June 2016

"I have absolutely loved taking part in the Expert Edition. It has been two years since I last did any VO training, and it was great to reinforce things I'm already doing, remind myself of things I should be doing, and learn new things as well. I thought Guy pitched the course exactly right, and I feel sure that my work will improve as a result of going through the programme. There has been a lot to take in, and I think it will take a while to consolidate all the new stuff I've learned, but ultimately I believe that my career will move forward - I've just got to implement the plans Guy has helped me make - which is the hard bit of course!
It has been wonderful to learn alongside other VOs - some more advanced in their careers than me, and others only at the beginning. We have all been able to support each other with constructive feedback, and hearing each others reads has been a great learning opportunity.
Thanks for the course Guy - I'm sure our paths will cross again soon!"

Beatrice Curnew - June 2016

"Invaluable! In a safe and friendly environment I was given permission to play and make mistakes and to admit complete ignorance at certain aspects. Having the support of the group was a real treat and Guy led us on our journey like a friendly pied piper. His generosity of time and information was above and beyond what I had expected. I learned so much and have the confidence to go forward and conquer! Thank you."



Caroline Ashby completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016

"Just the kick up the butt I needed! It so easy to just carry on 'doing what you do'. This course has not only inspired me to be so much more productive in my working day, ironed out little niggles and solved long-standing questions, but it's also given me permission to concentrate on the equally important aspect of running a business. That is after all what I'm striving to be, a successful voiceover Business! The vocal tips and tricks have been invaluable and really made me think outside of the box when it comes to my own delivery. Fantastic!  Thanks so much Guy, this course has been extremely informative, refreshing and above all, fun!"


Claire Cordier completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016

"Broaden and deepen your VO skill set across business development, vocal and technical skills. I learnt a huge amount of quickly applicable tools and set long term goals for growing my career. An excellent two week course when you are looking to push to the next level and aren't sure how or where to focus your attention. Invaluable 121 sessions allow plenty of time to explore exactly what you need, great stuff!"


Chris Tester completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016

"I learnt a tremendous amount from Expert Edition - facing aspects of the technical side I never would have engaged with on my own, being encouraged in creating a plan of action for myself that made me feel educated and empowered rather than at the mercy of a 'lucky break'. Fantastic to share work and learn from fellow budding VO talent as much as from my own work in a supportive environment. Clear, accessible, encouraging - the course fully places the initiative on participants to build the career and body of work that best suits and excites them. Loved it!"


Anja Jacobsen completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016

"Thank you, Guy, for an information packed but very accessible Expert Edition! It's given me lots of pointers for moving forward and I expect to be referring back to my notes for quite some time.  Great course, thanks again!"


Richard Mann completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016

"A fantastic course and one which I will recommend! I learnt loads - some things I'd forgotten, some technical aspects I have always put off reading into and some VO gems I had no idea about. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to work at it in my own time but also feel part of a group. it was very helpful listening to everyone's VO's to see how they had interpreted the challenge. The videos were very informative but also relaxed and I really liked how Guy tailored them to the group. A must do course for anyone serious about voiceover, whatever their experience!"


Lorraine Ansell completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016

"Confidence was the main takeaway from this course. I was able to practise not only voice over areas but technical practical audio skills and have them critiqued to help me move up to the next level. I enjoyed the one 2 ones this course offered as it helped me focus and establish what my main goals and areas to improve are. Very helpful and comprehensive easy to follow course. Thanks!"


Sam Dunham completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016

"I knew it was going to be hard before we started but the fact Guy was there at the end of an email or phone whenever I had a query was really helpful. I definitely feel way more confident about the tech side of the business than when I was before the course. It's given me a much needed boost of motivation to get my VO career back on track."


Ana Clements completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016

"VOK Expert Edition required me to stop being busy doing and take stock of my business. It allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and plot some clear goals. Sharing the experience with other VOs allowed for some great feedback and a chance to discuss your own thoughts and issues with other VOs with different experiences. The ongoing discussion board after the course is also a huge bonus. Thank you."





Guy's Voiceover Kickstart wasn't just for newbies, it helped in brushing up a couple of old skills too. For a daily free course, you really can't go wrong. If you want to take this business seriously, these are the sorts of courses you want to be reading and practicing day in, day out.

Richard Di Britannia

A comprehensive beginners & refreshers course - also ideal for professionals setting up a home studio. It's been great fun and the feedback from peers is really valuable. Highly recommended!

Philippa Sawyer

Absolutely loved the 6 week course. I hadn't realised there was quiet so much too it and that I would actually enjoy every aspect. With each step broken down to 15 minutes a day it's less overwhelming and makes you realise that it is possible to set yourself up and do it from home which never even crossed my mind. So thank you Guy you've opened my eyes.

Becky John

Guy has generously provided an amazingly thorough and comprehensive resource for aspiring voice over artists or those that wish to revise or improve their skills. The emphasis has been on producing the highest quality voice material and on conducting a voice over business in a completely professional manner. I would most highly recommend the Round Island Voiceover Kickstart.

Felix Pring

Coming to this course as a complete novice I was blown away by just how much I've learned! Having daily concise and digestible chunks of information was an easy way to obtain such knowledge and expertise, and I felt I was in safe hands at all times. I appreciated the fact that it fitted really well into my daily routine, and I didn't feel bombarded with information. I feel much more prepared for the challenges ahead and the beginning of my VO career. Thank you Guy!

Susan Lay

Such a comprehensive and enlightening course on all aspects of voiceovers with the opportunity to glean knowledge from the best in the business - and all for free!

Craig Lawrie

As a new entrant into the world of voiceover I was unsure about many aspects of the business and how to approach it. This course has given me a really good understanding of the basics and how to take the next step. The people on the course were very supportive and the feedback throughout was really really helpful. It's incredible, and so generous, that this course is free.

James Hender

I loved the little tricks and tips I learnt everyday! Great ideas you can apply instantly to improve your VO career. It fuelled my VO passion- I couldn't recommend #VOKickstart more

Grace Watts

Not only was this my first course in voiceover, it's the first online course I've ever done. I absolutely loved it! Guy's mixture of tasks, group feedback, reading and listening material made the whole six week thoroughly engaging and informative, explaining, not only what the voiceover industry is, but how you can fit into it. I am finishing the course with a sound knowledge of the business, goals for me as an artist and a strong plan for the next six months to begin my career in VO. For anyone considering a step into the world of voiceover I cannot recommend #VOKickstart enough.

Scott Gilmour

I did a workshop with Guy in 2013, recorded commercial and drama demo reels with him and later voiced a number of characters in a 3D animated feature called "The Unbeatables". I've since been busy with other acting work and two tiny sons so "The Voiceover Kickstart" has been a useful opportunity to figure out how to go about developing further vo opportunities. I have found Guy to be a decent, enthusiastic and professional chap to deal with and would recommend him without hesitation. I thank him for his generosity in providing this free course and reckon it is indicative of his ambition within and commitment to the vo industry.

Simon Purdey

The VO kickstart has been fantastic! It's by no means complete but a robust springboard into the world of voice overs. I feel ready and prepared to tackle the industry and enjoy the process.

Thomas Finch

Guy is a master in motivation. By delivering accessible pieces of VO advice, direct to your inbox every day for 6 weeks, he demystifies the process and reminds you that with a plan in place and a healthy dose of self-motivation, there are opportunities for anyone interested in getting into this field. I thoroughly recommend the VO kickstart - thank you Guy for giving up your time to help newbies understand more about how to get started in voiceover.

Eleanor Lamb

An extremely well devised and presented course on the key areas for the new or developing VO.

Roger Ringrose

*Guy of Round Island really goes the extra mile to share his expert knowledge of the industry and give you all you need to market yourself and the assured confidence in your skills when you do get work.

Honest, approachable and dedicated, he is an excellent person to have in your professional network.*

Lucy Charles

I am astounded at the generosity of time and effort given freely on the part of Guy. The daily Kickstart was in ideal manageable chunks, the knowledge provided a solid ground for setting up as an effective VO. artist. Focussed and practical. I can't recommend this highly enough. Thank you for such a positive 6 weeks.

Catherine McDonough

For anyone interested in working in voice over, I can't recommend this course highly enough. Full of information covering everything you need to know if you're embarking on a career in voice over. It is brilliantly paced, with a weekly focus, practical activities, group support and feedback. Thank you Guy for your generosity and motivation!

Fiona Drummond

The #VOkickstart totally exceeded my expectations. As a newcomer to the voice over industry it gave me a fantastic overview, showed how to turn your voice into a business and it was great fun too. I will be recommending to anyone serious about getting into voiceover.

Charlotte Baker

A truly inspiring and activating six weeks - encourages VO talent to be proactive and identify what is in their power to address rather than be in thrall to the acceptance (or not) of voice over agents. Places the onus and responsibility on you as a VO practitioner rather, clarifying the skills of the craft that you can actually work on, rather than just spending a day in a studio and hoping you get lucky.

Chris Tester

This is a real chance to have been part of this Kickstart, I realized that there's a lot to do and it helps to know people as well. Thank you very much for this opportunity Guy!!

Pauline Thenot

I enjoyed this course very much. The information and its gradual progression was what I was looking for (starting out in voiceover), as well as really driving you to realise that this is a career job. There are tasks to be part of too and that is good because I feel a lot more confident than I did 6 weeks ago. Thank you Guy, you've put a lot of time and valuable information into this for us.

Joe Shire

A really informative and useful course. I knew I wanted to get into Voiceover but had no idea how to go about it. This course has given me the tools to take my career, make a plan and go out and action it by myself. I still feel nervous and inexperienced but at least now I feel like i'm heading in the right direction and ready to become a professional VO artist. Thanks Guy, I'm really excited by this next chapter in my career, so thank you for helping me get to this point.

Sam Dunham

Kickstart 100% did what it said on the tin; it kick started me into action, to get serious about this industry. Your 6 week programme made me realise just how much I want to do this; and that it is possible. Guy, you are an inspiration and your dedication, passion and good-will is second to none.

Sophie Walton

*Guy Michaels introduction to VO is uncomplicated and not in the least bit intimidating. He explains terminology simply, and shares his wisdom candidly.

Also, these bitesize nuggets of VO gold were delivered in such a way that even if you'd missed one or two it was possible to catchup without being overwhelmed.*

Francesca Burgoyne

Voiceover Kickstart is literally a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about getting into VO. As the course is split into around 15mins a day you can fit it around whatever else you're doing, and yet you feel like you're making real progress every day in furthering your voiceover career. Guy is a fountain of knowledge; I'd highly recommend Voiceover Kickstart to anyone interested in working in the voice industry.

Hannah Platts

The voiceover kickstart has been a fabulous motivator and confidence builder, covering all aspects of the industry in manageable bitesize rather than overwhelming chunks! Covering everything from knowing your voice to technical, marketing and running your business it's a feast for thought and action, and a big kick in a positive and long term direction. Thank you VERY much Guy, I feel very privileged to have been able to take part.

Rachel Voldman

This has been a superb introduction to the world of Voiceover and given me the kick I the arse I needed. It has ignited my passion for voiceover and reminded me how generous and supportive others can be!

Beatrice Curnew

The VOKickstart course grabs your attention from the start and it has kept me in that grip until the end. It is full of information that inspires and motivatea to get much more out of a voiceover career. It literary drives you forward. A must-do course!

Melvin Vermeer

Many many thanks, Guy. Your tips for home and studio recording have been extremely valuable, the introduction to equipment as well as marketing advice have been fantastic. I've learnt a lot from the exercises and other VO's feedback about my voice and where I might fit in the industry. I feel a lot more confident about finally entering into an industry that I've been afraid of and haven't really fully understood for years being an actor. Cheers!

Ewan Borthwick

VOkickstart is a great course, fun and engaging. I learnt so many things and was reminded of many more. If you want to get into VO or even if you are experienced this course is brill!

Lorraine Ansell

The course provides the missing but essential link between stepping out of the booth having just recorded one's demo to earning money as a v/o artist.

Brendan Fleming

Until this course came along, I thought that there was some mysterious group I had to belong to, to be able to gain entry into the exclusive world of voiceovers. What this course has done is really demystified the whole process. Hard work but certainly achievable. Thank you Guy.

Mouna Albakry

I cannot recommend this course highly enough, despite it being called Kickstart there is a lot of information that will useful to anyone in the VO world no matter how expert they are. It is in easy daily chunks and I have already re assessed my voice description based on the tremendously supportive feedback we all received from our peers based on the cleverly designed exercises within the course. * * Thank you Guy, can't wait for the next level.

Alison Shore

I thoroughly enjoyed recording my voicereel with Guy, and despite being a complete novice he made me feel completely at ease and more savvy about the industry by the end of the session. Taking part in the free VOKickstart course has helped to cement all the information I had started to learn and has expanded my knowledge further, so that I now feel confident as I enter this new phase in my career!

Charlotte Harris

This course is a gift to any would-be, newbie & struggling VO. It's amazing. It's amazing it's free. It doesn't offer magical solutions, just practical ones and industry insights that I'd be dumb to ignore. Guy doesn't promise success. But he does (pretty much) guarantee failure if you take short-cuts. (Yes, there are always lucky exceptions - but that's not me).

I feel wiser. I'm prepared. Prepared for the investment. For the hard work - Smart work.

Richard Halsall

Would recommended to anyone wanting an insight to the world of VO. Even as a seasoned broadcaster its opened my eye and ears.

Roger Woods

This has been an amazing eye opener. From the first day to the last. It has made me re-think how I approach voice over as a career and how to prepare. Thank you Guy. Hope to work with you in the future :-)

Dan Masters

*Guy, Brilliant, for the jobbing Voiceovers of us the modules were short and concise and packed with advice, direction and information. In terms of introducing someone to the Voiceover business it doesn't get better. For a Voiceover with experience "Please Sir can i have some more"!

Great stuff well done Guy and thank you.*

Patrick Mckenzie

This has been a great beginners course on the voiceover environment. It has given me a wonderful overview of the voiceover environment and has given me a great idea as to what I need to do to get going.

Peter Jay

Whilst I had already produced my demo reels - thanks to Round Island, taken the headshots and produced a website, #VOkickstart voiceover has given me the kick up the arse I need to really launch my voiceover my career. I feel part of something much bigger, offering thousands of opportunities and I really feel that I have joined the voiceover community. Guy quite justifiably is becoming something of a guru in the voiceover industry and some of us are luck enough to learn from him. I look forward to more voiceover courses and will be back to Round Island to update my demo reels in due course. Thanks Guy!

Madeleine Rothschild

Guy provides so much value, warmth and humour. Anyone interested in progressing their acting career, in Voice Over and otherwise, should get around him and what he has to offer. The VO kickstart was one of the best trainings I have ever taken: it equipped me with skills, tools and a framework to succeed. The only thing that is needed is now me Taking Action. Thanks Guy!

Paul Mclaughlin

Guy Michaels succintly introduces you to the world of Voice Over in 6 weeks and you become part of a community where you can meet, share, give feedback and learn from other VO artists.

Andree Mullings

This course has been absolutely invaluable, not to mention great fun and extremely interesting. There are so many things to consider when pursuing a voice over career (recording at home, marketing yourself, areas of work etc) and this covers all of them with lots of incredibly useful information and advice and a myriad of good ideas to consider. It's an expert but also very practical guide to really making the most of your asset (ie your voice!) and being a successful VO artist. You can easily fit the course in around your schedule (even one as hectic as mine!) and do it at your own convenience. Guy is an extremely helpful, friendly and pro-active tutor and I can't thank him and Round Island enough for such a brilliant course. Huge thanks, Guy!

Josephine Liptrott

Thank you so much to Guy for this voiceover kick start. It has truly opened up my eyes to the way that the voice over industry has changed. Being an actor who is big on self producing, it is truly refreshing to know that voice over work can be accessible from the comfort of your own home (with the right set up!) and that you can essentially be your own agent in this industry. I recommend this course to anyone, not just actors, but anyone who has ever dreamed about doing this as a career as it is actually a lot more simpler that previously thought.

Eme Essien

* I had lots of fun doing the course. It was a great insight into the world which I soon realised I knew little about. Just the right amount of info per day to not overwhelm you but enough to take something useful away each day. It was clear, consise, simple, motivational and I felt it was an honest and realistic representation of the industry.*

Rebecca Killick

Vo kickstart is a great way to learn about the voice over industry in manageable chunks! I now feel confident about where I am going and have a plan on how to get there, I would suggest to anyone that isn't sure how to proceed in VO to definitely give this course a go!

Rachel Cash

VOkickstart has been a great introduction to the world of voiceover. I've learnt a lot and feel inspired! Would recommend the course to anyone starting out. Thanks Guy!

Sarah Evans

Voiceover Kickstart has been a really informative and helpful introduction to the world of voice work - not only did I get Guy's amazing knowledge and guidance, but the wonderful support and feedback from fellow participants. And at only 15 minutes a day even the busiest person can fit it in. I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about this great profession!

Amanda Bailey

Vokickstart is an amazing resource - the perfect introduction to the world of VO, it caters for everyone from the absolute beginner to the experienced practitioner. Everything you need to set up & maintain your business in today's marketplace is here, & the practical elements teach you to train your ear & refine your own performance. Plus you feel part of a wider VO community, one that is generous & helpful. And it's free! Thankyou, Guy Michaels!

Sarah Ratheram

I thoroughly enjoyed the 6 week VO Kickstart course. The information provided was excellent and the course members where very supportive with their feedback an reviews. I have now found my VO Style and target market. I'm looking forward to doing my commercial reel with Guy very soon.

Mel Gayle

For years since graduating drama school I've been debating with myself if I should enter the world of voiceover, but feared I would lack the technical expertise and confidence. Since signing up to Voiceover Kickstart I have booked my voicereel session, purchased my own microphone and starting building my own home studio. Over 6 weeks Guy has generously shared a whole wealth of knowledge accessible to anyone that wants to learn, and all for free. I am so glad I signed up to this course and stuck with it all the way through, it only took up 5-15 mins of each day and looking back I'm shocked at the vast range of information we've managed to cover. I feel I have the confidence now to add another string to my bow and I can't wait to delve into the voiceover world even further. Thanks Guy!

Mark Desebrock

I truly have learnt so much from this course - I have gone from a complete beginner with no clue about the VO industry at all, to a strong understanding of it, and an excitement to really push forwards with my career within it. The set up of 15 mins a day is fantastic, and Guy couldn't have been more helpful. I can't recommend this course enough!

Sara Hooppell

As a complete newcomer to the world of Voiceover I felt as though I was on the outside looking in on a bewildering sea of voice reel producers, pay-to-play sites and technical specs. I was at risk of floundering aimlessly forever when I spotted Round Island and VO Kickstart. This comprehensive introduction to the Voiceover Industry gives you the knowledge to start you on your way to developing a career as a Voiceover. I feel more focussed, more determined and ready to take my first steps into this incredible industry. Thank you! Oh, and when Guy says you'll need a notebook and pen - make it two!!

Helen Macfarlane

*Guy's VoiceOver Kickstart Course is an absolute gem. For new voice artists, it brushes aside the myths of the business and provides a well needed boost of confidence when it is most needed. For established voice artists, it throws a spotlight on the ingrained bad habits which have crept in over time and tackles creeping complacency. For everyone, it provides a handy checklist against which our businesses can be, and should be, measured. It is also (almost) free. The only price is respect for other participants and professional commitment.

I thoroughly recommend the course.*

James Gillies

Thanks Guy. It's been a real motivator being involved and encouraging me to think about how I embark upon a VO career. The breadth of topics has been great and generosity you've shown in sharing your incite is much appreciated.

Michael Cusick

Guy's Kickstart course is a fantastic opportunity for new talent to get up to speed and the opportunity to be mentored in the VO industry. It's a great course with bite sized modules that offer insight and wisdom from his vast experience. Thanks Guy you've been a fantastic help and I can't wait to be involved with the Expert Course!

Cara Edney

Meeting Guy and accessing his extensive knowledge was a revelation for me; being a recipient of his generous support has been the turning point in my career. The content and structure of the Kickstart course is perfectly pitched to inspire thought, practice, and progess.

Lewis Bailey

The Voiceover Kickstart is packed full of expert advice; everything you need to know to start your voiceover business. Guy breaks the industry down and explains everything clearly. I can't recommend it highly enough! And it's free... no catches... seriously. Thank you Guy for taking the time to help those of us starting out in the industry.

Helen Jessica Liggat

As someone who is completely new to the world of voiceover, every single aspect of this 6 week course was extremely useful. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is wanting to develop in this area of the entertainment industry.

Sasha Waddell

Fantastic introduction to the Voice Over industry. If you're starting out and not sure where to go or what to do then this is the course for you. So thorough, so clear and best of all it's FREE!

Alister Austin

Excellent introductory tutorial. Many pointers for further reading/research. Guy stressed (rightly so) that success is not at all a given; you must work hard and persevere. Many wise words throughout and great interaction with other attendees. Highly recommended.

Andrew Vevers

Thank you for an excellent introduction of what to look out for when starting in voice overs. Your course has given me a concrete idea of what I need to do next. Very helpful and informative. Thanks again!

Anja Jacobsen

I am honestly amazed how much I've learned in such a short space of time! I wholeheartedly recommend this online course to anyone with an interest in working as a voice-over artist.

Vanessa Nitsche

A massive thank you to Guy for giving me this opportunity. I have learnt a wealth of knowledge and gained much insight into this vast industry which i otherwise may not have uncovered, had i not done this 6 week course, especially not in the same depth. Guy's personal experience and insight into the industry make this a unique course to partake in. I am very much grateful to have done this in the lead up to prepping for my reel, so that i am more than ready to record with Guy in January. Again, my utmost appreciation for this experience deserve a medal! :)

Annabelle Rich

*Have you ever considered Voiceover training? If yes, you must try this! If no, you're wrong and should try this.

Guy’s approach is perfectly balanced to both novice introduction and already established level. From just 15 mins a day, The course is incredibly insightful and most of all it's just a good laugh.

Thank you Guy.*

Luke Penrose

The VOKickstart was an incredibly informative 6 weeks delivered in manageable sized tutorials 5 days a week. I learnt a lot from each session that I will 100% be able to take away now to employ not only in my VO career but also my acting career too actually - it's all about having a plan and goals! Would really recommend doing this onlice course if you're interested in VO or wishing to learn more.

Sadie Clark

I found this course very insightful and a great lifting-off point for anyone interested in VO. I will be recommending it to people! Thanks Guy.

Alice Knapton

Thank you Guy for a great course. The feedback from fellow students was worth its weight in gold! It was also so helpful to hear other people read and listening to the diversity!

Jo Trast

*I've got a lot out of's enabled me to raise my game, both in terms of performance and technical quality...and I'm now getting jobs with my home demos which I wasn't getting before...Thanks Guy! * Geoff Cotton

Guy has been very generous in providing us with expert tips week after week. As a beginner, I feel it has set me on the right track in terms of knowing how to organise the beginning of my voiceover career.

Sophie Tergeist

My time on the VO Kickstart has ended today and I am gutted! Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, this 6 week course covers every aspect of improving your voiceover business. Written in a clear and concise style, by a seasoned industry professional. Guy takes you on a journey from the purchase of your voiceover equipment, via VO techniques, branding and marketing, and right up to securing your first paid gig and beyond. This sort of knowledge is invaluable to anybody coming into the business, or those needing to give their career a #VOkickstart! I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

Ged Mayer

Taking Guy's VOkickstart really helped to shore up the parts of my Vo career that I had let lag, It's amazing what a couple of minutes a day can do for you if you have the right mindset.

Ray Cole

Having only just made the first tentative steps into the world of VO I cannot recommend how valuable the Voice over Kickstart programme has been. Guy's knowledge and guidance are absolutely fantastic, he forces you to look at what you are doing well and enhance it and cut out everything you might be doing wrong. I still cannot believe all this information is free to access by simply signing up for the course. If you work in voiceover, whether brand new to the industry or a seasoned veteran you have to do this course. Thanks Guy!

Aaron Hewit

It's been full of invaluable and truly eye-opening advice. I would absolutely recommend the course to anyone wanting to get a voiceover career off the ground.

Sophie Dickson

This has been a fantastic course, thanks so much Guy. A real eyeopener. I hadn't been aware of all the areas available to VO artists. Now I can see opportunites for work that I wouldn't have known about before having done the course.

Heather Cairns

Guy's course is a detailed look at what it takes to be a voiceover artist. Its a no-nonsense approach that covers everything a brand new voice artist would need to know to light the fire that will hopefully spark a lifelong career. Great stuff!

Rob Marley

This course is amazing. I went from knowing virtually nothing to knowing a whole lot about the industry and how it works. Every day I learnt something new and was challenged to get better.The tools for success have been placed firmly in my hand - now I just have to use them.

Miriam Barbooram

Guy thank you so much for this resource and your skills. It's so rare someone takes time to truly support an industry he cares about like this. Will always recommend you and hopefully see you down the line for some more recording.

Ben Cutler

This six week, voice-over course has given me helpful information to improve my work, my business and given some real insight into the industry. Whether starting out or even for experienced VO artists, I would recommend it, there is something for everyone and I will be eagerly looking forward for the next opportunity to participate in a RoundIsland course!

Alexander Doddy

I'm someone who had an interest in voice over for a few years but had no idea how to go about it! Now I feel confident that I can get started in VO - after receiving qualty feedback on my technique, clear technical advice and how to approach this as a business. Guys 6 week VOickstart is a great resource for anyone wanting to get started in VO and it's FREE!

Helen Buchanan

This has been an amazing and highly motivational six weeks. I am so grateful for the opportunity. Thank you very much and best wishes!!!

Maria Tophunts

The Voiceover Kickstart is excellent. No one else takes the time to provide such an insight to the voiceover industry like Guy Michaels, and what's more it's free! If you sign up to his course you wont regret it. Brilliant, professional and first class!

Mark Speake

Great course covering all,the fundamentals; innovative use of technology to make an online course into a group learning session. A must for anyone thinking of starting out in the industry. Thanks Guy. Brilliant.

Caroline Wheaton

Voiceover Kickstart does everything it says on the tin. Guy has tailored a six week course for those who are serious in gaining more knowledge especially in home studio work. Like minded participants give invaluable peerfeedback on practical exercises. Thank you Guy, I'm ready to get going with my home studio.

Rebecca Cooper

The VO Kickstart is a goldmine for anyone starting in the VO world. I didn't have any guidebook to learn from or refer to when I started. If i had this back then I would've held on to it like a talisman. An immensely rich resource and and a good reference to check yourself against, even for those firmly in. Highly recommend! Thank you Guy.

CK Nath

A truly invaluable and informative course. Being set in short 15 minute daily sessions makes it very easy to follow. I can't believe it is all for free! I have learnt a huge amount, not just about VO skills, but also about business skills and the importance of social media. Thank you Guy!

Elaine Hartley

A very informative, interesting course with invaluable information for anyone starting out in VO, including some very clear info about the basic recording setup.

Sonya Raymond

Thanks so much. I've found this bite size yet comprehensive course invaluable, exactly what I needed to give me the confidence and knowledge of how to get started.

Amy Comper

A great insight to the world of voice over from a total beginner's perspective. As well as the daily information provided, the individual feedback is extremely helpful and encouraging. Thank you! :)

Rachel Moore

Kickstart does exactly what it says on the tin! A fantastic, informative A-Z of how to start, what to do & where to go to become part of the Voice Over industry. Six weeks packed with a wealth of information, advice & practical exercises ~ a necessary tool kit to guide you into the world of Voice Over.

Louise Bailey

I thoroughly enjoyed the voice over kickstart. Guy compiled a comprehensive, practical and manageable course in bite size chunks, all in an engaging, easy to digest way. It has given me an overall helpful 360 of the industry, how it works, pitfalls and the right steps to follow to get fully involved. I'd highly recommend it to anyone toying with the idea of voice overs as a career.

Howard Corlett

A very thorough and comprehensive guide to the world of VO, covering everything from performance technique to technical set-up and networking advice. The course is an interesting blend of practical exercises, individual research and specific, written information that you can adapt to make your own notes for future reference. Whether you are a novice, or have several credits on your CV already, you should never stop listening, learning and expanding your knowledge, and with a guide as detailed and wide-spread as this, there will certainly be points raised and advice given that you may not have considered before, and that are worth noting. Thoroughly recommended.

Ella Garland

This course was very motivating, and informative. The opportunity to obtain honest feedback from others was extremely valuable (happens so rarely in life). Thanks Guy!

Clareine Cronin

I found this kick start did exactly what it said on the tin for me! Having done a few VO's and wanting to pursue the career more fully for ages, I now feel more equipt to move forward productively into my embryonic VO business!

Gary Trainor

A fantastic six week course packed with advice and information about all aspects of the voice over industry. I am now so much more informed about how to get started as a voice over artist. I can't recommend Voice OverKickstart enough and it's free! A fantastic opportunity, huge thanks to Guy at Round Island for his invaluable expertise.

Sarah Barbet

The last 6 weeks have been extremely motivating. Having something to read and do everyday has encouraged me to move forward with my career as a VO artist. The important points were reinforced constantly throughout the 6 weeks and VO is now part of my daily routine. Thank you Guy.

Rebecca Hurst

If you're thinking, "I reckon I've got a pretty good handle on voiceover work - is there really much point in my doing this Kickstart thing?" then you need to do the Kickstart thing. Guy is a great communicator, I've learnt loads. Not long into Kickstart I started doing things differently. I highly recommend it!

Mark Topping

Guy, your course is amazing. As a fresh new talent to the industry of VO I had little idea about the industry and what will be expected. You have opened my eyes wide and given me the knowledge to pursue my dream. Thanks Guy.

Neil Clark

The course has been amazingly informative and I love the daily format which I will really miss in my life!

Rachael Spence

A fantastic insight into the world of VO, very inspiring! Thank you.

Nathan Goss

I have been very impressed by the comprehensiveness of the course. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to embark on a voiceover career.

Marjorie Hayward