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There’s a recap on the process below too.

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the process for recording voiceover demos
Step 1 Sound Check

I’ll check a short sample recording of your home studio* quality to make sure we can go ahead for a remote session.

*you can use a pro studio near you as an alternative

Step 2 Consultation

We’ll go through the options and the process in a Zoom call.  I’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about recording your voicereels.

Step 3 Script preparation

Working together, we’ll develop ideas for scripts that highlight your unique voice and skillset.

Step 4 Rehearsal

In preparation for your recording session, we’ll schedule a Zoom meeting during the preceding week to rehearse your scripts. This will help you feel comfortable and confident with the material.

Step 5 Record

No matter where you choose to record – your home studio or a professional facility – I’ll provide expert direction via Zoom to ensure a fun and productive session that captures your best performances.

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Step 6 Produce

Once you’ve sent tracks to me (WeTransfer or Dropbox) I’ll get to work optimising your recordings, editing and producing to real broadcast standards.

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the process for recording voicereels

Regular client Beatrice Curnew gives her thoughts on working with Guy.

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