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What happens after I join?

I'll be in contact with your membership details.  This is a manual process but you should receive details within 24hrs (working hours).

You'll then have access to the members' rate for Kickstart II

Become a Voiceover Kickstart Member

The VOkickstart membership area started in 2015. All members have completed the FREE 4-week programme. June 2018 sees the launch of the entirely new site, bringing a host of new benefits. 

Access the community for essential advice and feedback

SAVE 50% Get Voiceover Kickstart II for £75

SAVE 25% on 121 coaching (1 hour Skype sessions with Guy for £75)

SAVE up to 66% on live workshops

Get instant access to new inclusive programmes including Branding for Voiceovers

Get MASSIVE savings on Voiceover Demo Production - SAVE HUNDREDS!

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Continue your Voiceover journey with your fellow Kickstart participants. Get feedback on your home studio and make essential improvements with help from Guy and the community. Learn what equipment to purchase without breaking the bank!

Once you have joined, your annual fee of £129 will never go up. In addition to existing benefits and a host of inclusive modules, this new phase in 2018 includes an entirely new membership site designed in response to needs and requests.

New Programmes for Members

Branding for Voiceovers (inclusive module for members) 

A new 10-part module for members only.  Each participant can embark on their 'branding journey' at their own pace.  From visual aspects to understanding the core of your business; from refining your shop window (website) and public profiles (social media), this programme can make all the difference when it comes to securing new voiceover clients.  

Home Studios (inclusive module for members) 

A new 10-part module for members only.  Taking elements of Kickstart I and II and going further and into more detail about how to set-up and run a successful home voiceover studio.  COMING in 2018.

4 more members' modules will launch in 2018