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Chris Walker-Thomson  

A true master at his craft! Had a few sessions with him over the years, each one more exciting and intuitive than the last. Full of advice and direction that not only gets the best out of you, but also makes you feel the best, well, you. Highly recommend! Worth every penny.

Mel’s British Voice  

If you want your reels done by the best, then you're in the right place! An all round outstanding service to produce the high quality reels you need to stand out in the industry. But, with the added extra of 'Guy' to guide you - the icing on the cake I'd say. Reels that pay for themselves without a shadow of a doubt. Thanks Guy.

Andrew Vevers  

As soon as you engage with Guy you realise that his advice and direction comes from a place of extensive knowledge and experience (in terms of vocal delivery and technical processing).

Guy is an approachable, patient professional; widely regarded as a master reel producer (as well as a great voice talent in his own right), Guy has a deep knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing voice market - what's relevant now and what to watch out for.

Guy also runs a successful, approachable network (Voiceover Kickstart) for like-minded voice artists, where there is mutual respect and no such thing as a silly question. Combine that with informative interviews and courses all make Guy a guy to contact.

Lucy Brown  

Guy is simply brilliant. A brilliant director, brilliant technician, brilliant host, brilliant advisor. Recording demos with him has been one of the highlights of my career so far. He provides a thorough, personalised service and goes above and beyond the industry standard. Voiceover Kickstart is also a fabulous community for anyone in the VO world. Fab content that is always being added to and a supportive, lovely bunch of members.

Geir Kjelland  

Simply the best out there! He's great at getting the best out of you so you get a stand out reel. Highly recommendable

Carrie Afrin  

When people ask for advice on VO Training or Demos I always pass them to Voiceover Kickstart. I can't recommend Guy and the team highly enough. I have done the courses and found them so useful. Guy does all my demos and he works with you on the script selection to make sure each one is tailored to you and the outcome you want to achieve. I'm also a member of the forum and it is great to have access to all of the training material and also a great way of networking with other VO's and sharing info and best practise.

Alexa Brown  

The only company I turn to for help or advice on all things voiceover, and a creator of industry-leading demos. Voiceover Kickstart is an incredibly valuable resource and the first place I recommend to fellow voiceover artists, whether they are long standing professionals or absolute newcomers. Highly recommended - plus Guy is a really nice guy!

Mark Thomas  

Such a friendly, professional setup. I can heartily recommend Guy Michaels Voiceover Kickstart if you are either a beginner or a more seasoned Voiceover Artist - there is always something new to learn!

The forum is a lovely safe place to ask for help, post your latest demos for critique, or just chat to fellow Kickstarters.

Paul Mclaughlin  

For great reels and training look no further than Guy and Voiceover Kickstart. I started my voiceover journey a number of years ago with him and glad I landed with Guy. Great advice, training and reels that set me up on a solid footing in the voiceover world. On top of all that he is a lovely, kind and generous human. Definitely recommended for his training and reels!

Dave Rhodes  

Been to a couple of Guy's courses over the years - great value, packed with useful info and highly engaging. The same goes for his online endeavours with Voiceover Kickstart - a tremendous resource for VO artists.

Hannah Platts  

Excellent voice reel service as well as coaching and support. Recommended!

Aicha Kossoko  

Extremely professional and full of very astute advice, loved my session with Guy.


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Helen Lloyd 
There are voice reels - and there are voice reels - and choosing a producer/director who offers a truly personal and bespoke voice reel service makes such a difference to the end product.

Guy's attention to detail, his understanding of the industry and what casting directors and producers are looking for, is second to none: his direction - his way of bringing out little nuances in your reads, of making the most of your voice and delivery style so that each read stands out from the crowd, is worth its weight in gold.

With Guy there is no one size fits all: he really listens to your delivery and brings out the very best in you - creating bespoke audio reels that meet the demands and expectations of the most critical casting directors, producers, directors and clients.

Holly Standbrook
I'm absolutely in love with my new demos! Guy made me feel totally at ease during the session and gave prompts and help where needed without over directing. He bought the absolute best out and in me and the demos are just bloody amazing. Thank you so much.

India Martin
I had the joy of recording my first Commercial and Corporate Voicereels with the lovely Guy last month and couldn't have wished for a better experience! Guy is a truly brilliant producer and director who puts you totally at ease and always gets the best out of you, thanks to his personal approach and attention to preparation. He's also a fountain of knowledge and the advice he gave after the session has been invaluable in helping me take my first steps in the industry. I will definitely be back!

Phil Bishop 
I recently recorded a double reel with Guy (commercial and corporate), and I must say it was a great experience. He is such a fountain of knowledge, with many years of industry experience, and he was able to offer very useful advice at every step of the process. Not only did he produce a high quality recording, but his insights into how to go about using it and how to set up a career are invaluable. For anyone looking to start out in the industry, Voiceover Kickstart really should be your first port of call.

Seb Humphreys 
Working with Guy was an absolute pleasure, simultaneously extremely educating and very enjoyable. Having only taken baby steps into voice over, Guy was kind enough to take me through everything, from which kind of microphones to take a look at, to how to manage myself in the business and of course how to deliver good work on the mic. I'll certainly be returning the next time I need a reel done.

William De Coverley 
I had my 'Double' recording session with Guy a couple of weeks ago now, which consisted of me recording a Commercial Reel along with a Corporate Reel. It was great fun recording with Guy - relaxed, friendly and so much fun. We initially went through all the ideas I had brought with me and Guy advised me on what he thought would be the best examples to show of my range as a VO without stepping too far away from my natural voice. I'm really happy with the final result and everyone I've played the finish product to thinks they sound marvellous.Thanks Guy!

Kyle Martin 
I recently worked with Guy to create my commercial and corporate demos and I'm so happy with the results. Guy produces such high quality work; it's evident that he loves his craft. Guy is very thorough and helped me every step of the way. The advice on finding/creating original scripts, what pieces to use in your reels, practical advice on what to do with your reels and moving forward - all have been incredibly insightful and helpful. I thoroughly recommend working with Guy. 😊

Josephine Liptrott 
I'm absolutely delighted with my drama & narration reel! I really enjoyed the leisurely, relaxed and unhurried recording session and I felt like I had the time to really do my best work and play around with my pieces. Guy's expert suggestions / direction were absolutely spot on and very much appreciated. The finished product is so much better than I could have hoped, due in large part to Guy's brilliant editing skills. From start to finish, it was great to know that I (or at least my voice!) was in the hands of an such experienced and skillful professional. As my old dad used to say, "There's no substitute for class". Thank you, Guy!

Ivana Rakić 
learned about VO Kickstart about a year ago, when I did a class on building a home studio with Guy at the Actors Centre. Did his VO Kickstart Volumes I and II online, and then eventually did the Triple voice reel with him in November 2018. Based on all of that, I would warmly recommend him to anyone serious about getting into voiceover. He has a very realistic outlook on the business of VO while still being excited about the work and he does such a great job of making you feel at ease while clearly communicating what he needs to get your best out of you.

On a less important, but still pertinent note, since sending my new reels into the ether (fairly recently), I've had an invitation to a voice acting audition and have been given a part in a short audio series, so I'm confident that the better I utilize them, the better the results will be.

Luke Penrose 
Just received my “The Triple” demos and could not be happier. Guy was fantastic with communication throughout and I felt completely prepared for recording long before the session itself thanks to his feedback and adjustments. Having completed his free VOKickstart classes and now recording my newest demos with him. I cannot recommend him enough. Thanks Guy!

Sarah Ratheram 
Guy Michaels was my first port of call when it came to recording my Drama & Audio books voice reel - & I made the right decision! The session was a real pleasure - Guy puts you at ease, is honest, generous with tips & advice, & his direction is never overdone but always on point. I felt I was in a very safe pair of hands, & I am more than happy with the result!

Charlie Wilson-Tighe 
Clearly an expert in his field, both as a voice reel producer and VO artist in his own right, Guy has a wealth of experience and helpful hints that he is only too happy to pass on. He is quick to respond to any emails and calls and always offers first rate service and advice, whether the query is mandate or specific. I would high recommend his services to anyone

Leanne Clark 
I had the pleasure of working with Guy last month to record my very first voice reel. It was a relaxed session, made me feel very at home and as a newcomer to the voice industry I was really grateful for the advice and tips given to me during the session.

I was also really happy with the end result and can't wait to put all the knowledge I have from VoiceOver Kickstart into motion!

Luci Fish 
I felt fully informed and aware of what was expected of me before, during and after the session and in return experienced a brilliant, fun recording session and a fab commercial reel that I am so pleased with! Have had brilliant feedback on the work and will definitely be back when it's time to record my audiobook reel. Thanks again!

Amelia Slaughter 
Being completely new the voiceover industry I was a little apprehensive about recording my first reels but I really didn't have anything to worry about!

Guy was extremely easy to work with, gave clear directions and produced 2 showreels that I'm really happy with.

Guy has a lot of knowledge and experience in the industry and was full of useful tips and advice! I

f you're thinking of getting a reel, I would highly recommend Voiceover Kickstart!

"The final product goes out with your name and my name on it."

Guy Michaels