Unique highly produced and industry-leading character demos to showcase voice acting excellence

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Listen to Laura's Gaming voicereel

Listen to André's Gaming voicereel

"Guy is a true professional.

He puts in a huge amount of time and expertise,before you get anywhere near a microphone. "

"From selecting appropriate characters, writing bespoke scripts, and developing your reads in the session, through to painstaking attention to detail in mixing, and sky high technical and production values, this is a demo service you can't afford NOT to invest in."


Hoxton in Overkill Software’s popular video game “PayDay: The Heist”

Co-Director of renowned UK Voiceover Agency Excellent Talent

So what do you get when you book a GAMING VOICEREEL?

Unique and highly produced 'Voice Acting Demo Reels'

The only UK service producing Character demos to this standard.  Limited to just 10 sessions a year.  Yes, that's right, they are so time consuming that I'll only book in 10 clients a year.

Gaming Voicereel Sessions available in 2022: 3

Record multiple characters tracks in a 2 hour recording session. Custom scripts are provided in advance so that you can work on clearly defining each character. After the consultation, Guy will research a selection of unique scripts to best fit your abilities. A full 8 hours are dedicated to the production of your professional demo. This is an extremely intricate process and soon after you will be in receipt of a Gaming Voiceover Demo that sounds just like the real thing! Each character is set in its own soundscape taking the listener on an eclectic and exciting journey. The resulting demo is usually 90 seconds or less.

All Gaming Demos now include a secondary dry version stripped of all production (voice only).  Sometimes this is preferred by producers looking for actors for their projects.

  1. Laura Brydon - PRODUCED VERSION 1:35
  2. Laura Brydon - CLEAN VERSION 1:31

Here is a selection of gaming voice acting demos produced by Guy Michaels:

  1. Pete Gold 1:32
  2. Jake Wardle 1:36
  3. Hannah Platts 1:32
  4. Chris Walker-Thomson Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:21
  5. Alex Pitcher 1:42
  6. Sarah Kempton 1:13
  7. Liam Fox 1:14

Listen to many more examples of demos produced by Guy Michaels


Ask anyone who casts in Gaming and they will tell you that they would prefer to hear 10 extremely defined characters (with none repeating) in a short snappy demo - rather than 2 minutes of repeated characters with a lazy soundbed or looping music!

Full consultation - custom scripts provided

2 hours dedicated recording to capture multiple takes

Expert direction throughout

Unique professional sound design

8 hours editing with high quality music and effects from a world class collection

'Perfect take' editing

Preparation materials

Technical Advice

Lifetime hosting on SoundCloud Pro for your website and/or email signature embedding

Clean unproduced version included (some producers prefer this)

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