What should be on a Voice Actor Demo Reel?

Voice over demo tips

As an expert in the voice acting industry, one of the UK’s most established voice over artists and producers, Guy Michaels has worked with hundreds of voice actors to help them craft the perfect set of voice reels. Contact today to see if he is the right producer for you.   What Should Be on a Voice Actor Demo Reel? … Read More

Voiceover Expert

Voiceover Expert

  Are you a Voiceover Expert? We are all experts in communication.  In around 350,000 years of modern human development, we have become highly skilled communicators – and have an extensive set of tools to use.  We are adept at many of them and have an astonishing capacity for communication subtlety. We have so many ways to communicate, consciously or … Read More

Voiceover Session Tips: How to be the Recording Engineer’s Dream

voiceover session tips

Here are some VOICEOVER SESSIONS TIPS that will help to get you called back for repeat voiceover work.   Are you a dream to work with?  Or a nightmare? It is very often the recording engineer who can be highly influential in casting decisions in voiceover. They can either recommend you or suggest that another ‘easier’ voice is found for … Read More