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Remote Voice Reel Sessions

How is your recording quality?

If you have a decent recording set-up that is free from background noise with little or no echo, then we can potentially record a voicereel session no matter where you are located.

We'll need to check the quality you can achieve with your recording set up in order to decide if a remote session is viable.

1.  Take a look at the availability on the calendar below for an idea of potential recording dates

2.  Fill in the contact form, providing the recording example.  Please check the specification.

3.  I will email you in the first instance to let you know if, based on your recording quality, a session is viable.

4. We'll then set up a call to discuss options and the process.

If you have any questions I can answer these in our call to book your voiceover demo session.

Thanks for reading. Guy.

(for the actual voicereel recording session you will need Zoom, a strong internet connection and a file-sharing facility such as Dropbox or WeTransfer)


The form above is the best way to contact or email but honestly the form is better!

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Booking Calendar

You CANNOT book directly using this calendar. We MUST DISCUSS options, the process and suitability of recording a voice over demo for you. This displays availability for Voiceover Demo Sessions. Yellow dates usually mean available at present.

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