Recording a voice over demo with Guy Michaels

Availability varies throughout the year but generally sessions are booked between
4 and 6 weeks in advance.

As I work with just two clients a week it can get pretty busy.

Recording a Voice Over Demo

Please do bear in mind that it really is worth the wait as you'll receive an end-product second to none.

In the period leading up to your booking there is plenty of preparation to do when recording a voice over demo. After all, these demos will last you a few years and they are quite an investment so it's well worth putting the time in to get them right.

1.  Take a look at the availability on the calendar below

2.  Fill in the contact form.

3.  I will email you in the first instance to set up a call to discuss options and the process.

If you have any questions I can answer these in our call.   

Thanks for reading. Guy.



If you are looking to record quickly then Guy’s service is not for you.  There are plenty of conveyor-belt voice reel services in the UK which might be suitable if you need a demo really fast.  If, however you realise that the investment is worth the wait to create something truly bespoke with personal guidance throughout then do get in touch. 

This form is the best way to contact Guy

I'll email first you to set up a call. We must talk through the process and options prior to booking. Please use the box below to tell me what you want to achieve.

Filling in this form also means you'll be amongst the first to know if any earlier sessions become available

The form above is the best way to contact as I might be in session if you call.  My UK number is +44 7973 445328 or email but honestly the form is better!

Regular client Beatrice Curnew gives her thoughts on working with Guy.  Check out the ► testimonials and ► voice reel examples is the Voiceover Demo Production site owned by ► Voiceover Kickstart Ltd.

Booking Calendar

You CANNOT book directly using this calendar. We MUST DISCUSS options, the process and suitability of recording a voice over demo for you. This displays availability for Voiceover Demo Sessions. Yellow dates usually mean available at present.

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