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Industry-leading Voice Reels produced by Guy Michaels since 2006

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Amplify your voiceover career with unique voiceover demos.

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Step 1 Sound Check

I’ll check a short sample recording of your home studio* quality to make sure we can go ahead for a remote session.

*you can use a pro studio near you as an alternative

Step 2 Consultation

We’ll go through the options and the process in a Zoom call.  I’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about recording your voicereels.

Step 3 Script preparation

Working together, we’ll develop ideas for scripts that highlight your unique voice and skillset.

Step 4 Rehearsal

In preparation for your recording session, we’ll schedule a Zoom meeting during the preceding week to rehearse your scripts. This will help you feel comfortable and confident with the material.

Step 5 Record

No matter where you choose to record – your home studio or a professional facility – I’ll provide expert direction via Zoom to ensure a fun and productive session that captures your best performances.

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Step 6 Produce

Once you’ve sent tracks to me (WeTransfer or Dropbox) I’ll get to work optimising your recordings, editing and producing to real broadcast standards.

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voice acting demos
  1. Courtney Chavez – US Commercial Voicereel 1:27
  2. André Refig – French Voicereel 0:53
  3. Kate Whelan – UK Commercial short Voicereel 0:58
  4. Erika Smith – US Gaming Voicereel 1:38
  5. PJ Aubrey – US Commercial Voicereel 1:20
  6. Bethan Leyshon – UK Gaming Voicereel 1:52
  7. Luke Bromley – UK Commercial Voicereel 1:31
  8. Alex Goodsir – UK Gaming Voicereel 1:41
  9. Alberto Pereira – Spanish Gaming Voicereel 1:33
  10. Katie Pattingson – UK Gaming Voicereel 1:42

Voice Over Demo Service

As a voice actor, to optimise your chances of success in VO it is imperative that your ‘calling card’, your set of professional voice reels, are of the highest possible quality.

Guy has worked in the industry for 25 years. As a master producer and audio engineer, no matter whether you want to record a commercial demo or show off your acting chops in a gaming demo reel, you are in safe and trusted hands.

Professionally produced voice reels are an essential tool for any actor or voiceover artist who wants to be taken seriously. If you want to create a voice reels that will propel your career to the next level, then get in touch today.

Unlock your voice’s full potential with Guy’s all-inclusive voice reel production service.

We begin with a personalised Zoom consultation, where we set out what you want to achieve with your new voice reels. This is followed by a dedicated script preparation phase, ensuring you have material that showcases your strengths. Working together we’ll make sure you have your own personal stamp, personality, skills and casting type highlighted in the scripts for a truly authentic sound.

To ensure you’re fully prepared, we’ll set up a 30-minute rehearsal Zoom session before your recording (60 minutes for our double session package).

Live, professional direction during recording ensures you’re always performing at your best. You’ll record locally, then send your files for expert post-production. I’ll re-amp your audio using leading hardware and software, and finesse your recordings to sound like they were created in a million-dollar studio. With the largest library of premium music and sound effects in the world, I’ll work to create something really special for you and master your demos to true broadcast standards.  Within 2 weeks you’ll receive WAV and optimised MP3 files ready to go plus SoundCloud Pro lifetime hosting and Audiograms if you’ve opted for them!

In addition to listing for free on Voiceover Index, voice reels demos are regularly promoted to my media production connections numbering over 5000!

Voice Over Demo Pricing

18th birthday LIMITED OFFER! - SAVE 20% on voice reels and get a free custom audiogram

To secure this offer you must book by August 31st 2024

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OFFER RATE Commercial


Impactful and industry-leading commercial voice over demos with your personal flair!

✓   8 tracks fully produced

✓   2 hour recording session

✓   6 hours production time

✓   Compilation (voicereel)

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24 months FREE premium listing 

OFFER RATE Corporate


For voice actors needing a high-class demo for the business world

✓   6 tracks fully produced

✓   2 hour recording session

✓   4 hours production time

✓   Compilation (voicereel)



Commercial + Corporate

2 fully produced Voiceover Demos for 2 markets. 

✓   14 tracks fully produced

✓   3 hour recording session

✓   8 hours production time

✓   2 compilations (voicereels)

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24 months FREE premium listing 



UNRIVALLED gaming voice acting demos.  Engineered to sound just like the real thing!

✓   Up to 10 characters

✓   Bespoke scripts

✓   Custom soundscapes

✓   2 hours recording

✓   8 hours production time

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24 months FREE premium listing 

What is an Audiogram?

These are animated visual voicereels giving yet another way to showcase your work as a voice actor.  All are built to a custom design matching your branding!

 For a LIMITED TIME these are free with voicereels!

Check out the demo Audiogram below

What type of voice reels do you need?

Whether you are looking to record a Commercial Voicereel, a demo for the Gaming Voice Acting world or a set of specialist Corporate voice reels, you can be sure of the investment of time and money with Guy’s voicereel service. There are plenty of options to record your demo these days, so choose your producer carefully.  Guy walks the walk, in that he is a working voice actor with clients all over the world, a master sound engineer and producer and has over 25 years of industry experience.  

Most of Guy’s work crafting voice reels comes through personal recommendation.

Guy Michaels voice reels
Guy limits demo production to just two clients per week

With 25 years of industry experience, Guy has honed a definitive voiceover demo service. His unrivalled and deep technical and performance knowledge is amplified by limiting his focus to just two clients per week. This ensures the dedicated attention and personal touch needed to craft voice reels that truly reflect your unique vocal talents.

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Read more of our testimonials here

Want to record a voicereel?

Guy Michaels is the trusted VOICE REELS EXPERT for pro voice actors worldwide

By working with a maximum of two clients per week, Guy provides a truly personalised voice reel production experience. His 25 years of industry expertise and deep understanding of the voiceover landscape make him the definitive choice for crafting a demo that stands out.

Like Stella, you can achieve your voiceover goals with confidence

Your custom voice reels, designed for maximum impact, will captivate casting directors and clients, opening doors to new opportunities and propelling your career forward.

Advice for voiceover artists
Guy Michaels has produced over 1600 Voice Reels since 2006

Having trained at Mountview Theatre school in the nineties and worked in Voiceover since 1999, he’s equally at home working with actors and voiceovers alike. Guy has taught and run workshops at Guildford School of Acting, RADA, ArtsEd, The Actors Centre, The Actors’ Guild, VOX, Spotlight UK and more.

In addition to this, Guy has sat on multiple industry panels and served as a judge for SOVAS for years as well as being a featured artist for sE Electronics.

Listen to voicereel examples from recent sessions.  Guy is the voice reel producer of choice for hundreds of actors and successful Voiceover Artists.

As well as being a voiceover industry expert, Guy Michaels is a highly successful pro voice actor working for major brands worldwide since 1999. 

Clients as a voiceover and producer include Nintendo, Warhammer, Microsoft, Sony, NatGeo, Hyundai and Vodafone.

Who is Guy Michaels?

Guy is a professional voice talent who in addition to offering his own professional voice over services, owns and runs numerous Voiceover sites. He is the CEO/Founder of VO-Star®, Voiceover Kickstart®, Voiceover Index + Voiceover Profiles®.

Since 2006 he has produced voice reels and having been based in London, UK for 25 years he now lives and works in Cambridgeshire.

Guy is a published author, successful entrepreneur, nature lover, lego enthusiast, ex pro cyclist, mediocre guitarist and generally obsessed with audio. He reckons this began in around 1979 when he first listened to Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxygene and Equinoxe on his dad’s Sennheiser headphones…

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Looking for Voiceover training?
a man sitting in a chair in front of a desk with a microphone and a radio

Supercharge your Voiceover Career with the extensive range of programmes, voiceover coaching, weekly challenges, a very supportive community, technical guidance and more!

As a voice over trainer and professional voice actor himself, Guy has helped voice actors all over the world take their careers to the next level. From learning to make the most of your own voice talents, networking with other voice over professionals, optimising a voice over website, recording voice reels and essentially any topic relating to that of working as a voice over pro, he can help you today.