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Want to record a voicereel?

Guy Michaels is the UK's trusted VOICEREEL EXPERT.

Limiting to working with just two clients a week ensures a personal service with no serious rivals in the UK market.  As a highly experienced voice reel producer, Guy has created the definitive voiceover demo production service with an in-depth understanding of the voiceover industry.

With a focus on employability and pristine production, these custom voiceover showreels will supercharge your voiceover career!

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Each voiceover demo is meticulously crafted to highlight your particular skills and unique vocal qualities.  To optimise your chances of success in VO it is imperative that your 'calling card', your set of professional voicereels, are of the highest possible quality.  Guy has worked in worked in the industry for 20 years. In addition to working with you to create reels you can be proud of, he will also give you actionable advice during the session.  You'll leave the recording session knowing just what to do with your voicereels when you receive them.  

What kind of voicereel do you need?

Whether you are looking to record a Commercial Voicereel, a demo for the Gaming Voice Acting world, Corporate, Drama, Narration or other, you can be sure of the investment of time and money with Guy's voicereel service.  There are plenty of options to record your demo these days, so of course it is always best to ask around.  Most of Guy's work comes through personal recommendation.  If you are looking for your voice reel producer, ► GET IN TOUCH to find out more about the process and options.

"With almost 14 years of professional voiceover showreels produced for hundreds of clients, it's difficult to choose examples. I refresh this selection once in a while but I hope these compilations give an idea of the range and quality. It has been my pleasure to work with each and every voiceover or actor since 2006 and produce these tracks. Thank you!"

Guy Michaels - August 2019

  1. Rachel Shelley - Drama + Narration Voiceover Kickstart 2:04
  2. Caitlyn Oenbrink - Commercial Voicereel Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:35
  3. Claire Trusson - Corporate Voicereel Voiceover Kickstart 1:39
  4. Jay Britton - Documentary Narration Voiceover Kickstart 1:32
  5. André Refig - Gaming Voicereel Voiceover Kickstart 1:29
  6. Mike Feldsher - Corporate Voicereel Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:38
  7. Pete Gold - Gaming Voicereel Voiceover Kickstart 1:32

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Supercharge your Voiceover Career with the extensive range of programmes, coaching, weekly challenges, a very supportive community, technical guidance and more!  The sister site ► offers a range of courses to support and develop your voice acting career, from 'setting up a home studio' to 'self-direction for voiceover' plus exclusive interviews with the big players in VO.


Guy Michaels has produced over 1200 Voiceover Demos since 2006.

Having trained at Mountview Theatre school in the nineties and worked in Voiceover since 2000, he's equally at home working with actors and voiceovers alike. Guy has taught and run workshops at Guildford School of Acting, RADA, ArtsEd, The Actors Centre, The Actors' Guild, VOX, Spolight UK and more. In addition to this Guy has sat on the voiceover industry panel for and is a featured artist for sE Electronics.

A published author (The Influence Workout - Pearson 2015), Guy is currently planning his second book. Actually it's just a few notes on a scrap of paper at the minute but you have to start somewhere! ► LISTEN to the examples of his work as voice reel producer with hundreds of actors and successful Voiceover Artists