Voice Reels for pro voice actors since 2006

REMOTE VOICE OVER DEMO sessions.  All voice reels are now recorded and produced remotely.

Expert Voice Reels Produced by Guy Michaels.

This service is for professional voiceover artists who have their own studios.

Want to record a voicereel?

Guy Michaels is the trusted VOICE REELS EXPERT now producing remote sessions only.

Limiting to working with just two clients a week ensures a personal service.  As a highly experienced voice reel producer, Guy has created the definitive voice over demo production service with an in-depth understanding of the voiceover industry in a 25 year career in the business.  Find out more about Guy's UNIQUE APPROACH TO VOICEREEL PRODUCTION

Your demo reels are your business card

Your new voiceover demo will make you shine in the ears of casting directors and prospective clients.  With a focus on employability and pristine production, these custom voiceover showreels will supercharge your voiceover career!


  1. Beau Thomas - GAMING DEMO written, directed and produced by Guy Michaels 1:54
  2. Rachel Shelley - Drama + Narration Voiceover Kickstart 2:04
  3. Caitlyn Oenbrink - Commercial Voicereel Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:35
  4. Claire Trusson - Corporate Voicereel Voiceover Kickstart 1:39
  5. Jay Britton - Documentary Narration Voiceover Kickstart 1:32
  6. André Refig - Gaming Voicereel Voiceover Kickstart 1:29
  7. Mike Feldsher - Corporate Voicereel Voiceover Kickstart Ltd 1:38
  8. Pete Gold - Gaming Voicereel Voiceover Kickstart 1:32

Each voice over demo is meticulously crafted to highlight your particular skills and unique vocal qualities.

As a voice actor, to optimise your chances of success in VO it is imperative that your 'calling card', your set of professional voice reels, are of the highest possible quality.  Guy has worked in worked in the industry for 25 years. As a master producer and engineer, no matter whether you want to record a commercial demo or show off your acting chops in a gaming demo reel, you are in safe and trusted hands.

Professionally produced voice reels are an essential tool for any actor or voiceover artists who wants to be taken seriously.   If you know how to create a voice over reel that will propel your career to the next level, then get in touch today.

"I recently had a commercial and corporate showreel revamp and overhaul with Voiceover Kickstart and I'm so pleased I did. This time I wanted to explore and showcase some different styles and Guy didn't disappoint. Not only was it a really fun and intensive session, the end results in the demo reel are really diverse, crisp and professional - you are a magician!!

Kate Whelan - Read More

What kind of voice reels do you need?

Whether you are looking to record a Commercial Voicereel, a demo for the Gaming Voice Acting world or a specialist Corporate voice over demo, you can be sure of the investment of time and money with Guy's voicereel service.  There are plenty of options to record your demo these days, so of course it is always best to ask around.  Most of Guy's work crafting voice over demos comes through personal recommendation. 

to find out more about the demo reel process and options.

Voice over Demo Pricing

Commercial £500

“An industry standard Commercial Voice Over Demo produced to Broadcast Quality”

Session Info

Corporate £425

“For Voiceovers needing a high-class demo for the business world”

Session Info

Double £700

"Commercial plus Corporate. Two fully produced Voiceover Demos for two markets”

Session Info

Gaming £650

"Unique demo service for demonstrating your character voices. Produced to sound just like the real thing!”

Session Info

You deserve the best and so does your unique voice.  Showcase your vocal abilities and make a memorable first impression with a great reel directed and produced by Guy Michaels.

Looking for Voiceover Training?

online voiceover training

Supercharge your Voiceover Career with the extensive range of programmes, coaching, weekly challenges, a very supportive community, technical guidance and more!  The sister site is located at ►voiceoverkickstart.com

As a voice over trainer and professional voice actor himself, Guy has helped voice actors all over the world take their careers to the next level.  From learning to make the most of your own voice talents, network with other voice over professionals, optimise a voice over website and essentially any topic relating to that of working as a voice over pro, he can help you.


Guy Michaels has produced over 1600 Voice Reels since 2006.

Having trained at Mountview Theatre school in the nineties and worked in Voiceover since 1999, he's equally at home working with actors and voiceovers alike. Guy has taught and run workshops at Guildford School of Acting, RADA, ArtsEd, The Actors Centre, The Actors' Guild, VOX, Spotlight UK and more. In addition to this Guy has sat on the voiceover industry panel for Voices.com and is a featured artist for sE Electronics.

► LISTEN to the examples of his work as voice reel producer with hundreds of actors and successful Voiceover Artists.

Guy Michaels is a highly successful pro voice actor working for major brands worldwide since 1999.

Who is Guy Michaels?

Guy is a professional voice talent who in addition to offering his own professional voice over services, owns and runs numerous voiceover sites.  He is the CEO/Founder of VO-Star®, Voiceover Kickstart®, Voiceover Index + Voiceover Profiles®.

Since 2006 he has offered demo reel services and having been based in London, UK for 25 years he now lives and works in Cambridgeshire.

Guy is a published author, successful entrepreneur, nature lover, lego enthusiast, ex pro cyclist, mediocre guitarist and generally obssessed with audio.  He reckons this began in around 1979 when he first listened to Jean-Michel Jarre's Oxygene and Equinoxe on his dad's Sennheiser headphones...